The UN is launching a Space Mission. How will it work?

The UN is launching a Space Mission. How will it work?

Most developing countries do not have the financial status to organize space missions. For them, earthly concerns are more important to attend to than space problems. But not for long. The UN has announced a space mission that they will launch in 2021. It will reportedly provide developing countries the opportunity to fly in space, into the low -Earth orbit. This is a partnership between UN Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Sierra Nevada Corporation.

The goal

The mission’s goal is to make other countries, new generations and people around the world benefit from the success of the Dream Chaser spacecraft. This is a reusable ship, like the U.S space shuttle which is now out of function. Its specialty is to deliver commercial cargo into the Earth’s orbit. The plan is to make the ship capable of landing in airports and spaceports all around the world. All those traits make it the perfect candidate to for some low-cost UN missions, which will also help developing countries.

UN Office for Outer Space Affairs started functioning in 1958. But in almost 60 since the office has been established, the UN has actually never conducted any space mission.

A growing trend

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX has announced his plan to go to Mars. He even thinks that his team will reach the red planet before NASA does. This is not a competition by any means, as NASA and SpaceX have been working closely together since 2014. But this partnership and space mission idea was born because space ventures are becoming more and more important. As the field is dominated by state-based agencies, this trend seems to be a very important one.

Collaboration is key

 Simonetta Di Pippo, director of UNOOSA reported that the whole idea of this project is to make every nation work together. This will happen in order to use the outer space in a peaceful way. So, they will offer the developing UN countries the possibility to take part in a space program. Many of them do not have this possibility.

But even if the program is especially created for developing countries, any country who is a member of the UN can submit their plans. The agencies Twill approve the most interesting proposals by 2018. This will happen in order to give the preparations of the Dream Chaser more time to fully develop. Of course that the participating countries will pay a part of the mission’s cost but it all be directly proportional to what they can actually afford. So nothing will be exaggerated. Some yet unknown sponsors are probably going to endure the rest of the mission’s costs.

All in all, the participating organizations will work together in order to establish the best way for this mission to develop. It will offer the UN the possibility to take part in space missions which are not very costly. Also, collaboration is key so the participating countries must work together and listen to each other’s opinions. If this happens, the possibilities are going to be endless.

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