As UN observes, People are evacuated from Aleppo

As UN observes, People are evacuated from Aleppo

On Monday, more than 3 000 people have been evacuated from Aleppo. This happened as the UN observers watched over, because Russia has decided to allow them to do so, after the country initially objected. This recent action brings a ray of hope into the souls of the many people still left in the rebel held city of Aleppo.

A new hope

At first, around 350 people managed to escape the city during the night. On Monday, 40 other vehicles carrying civilians escaped. They are taking them somewhere in the northern region of Syria. Around 500 people were also taken out of the villages of Fuaa and Kafraya. However, things became difficult in this area, as the government decided to ask for evacuations from those two villages. This delayed the entire process. It all became even worse on Sunday, when some rebels set the buses carrying civilians on fire and killed a bus driver.

According to doctors, the 2 000 people were in a terrible health condition as they were left to freeze because of the delay. Some of them even waited for as long as 16 hours in the buses. The rescuers did not give them anything to eat or drink. They did  not even allow them to go to the toilet. Moreover, many of the children became very sick because of the cold. The buses finally transported them into some areas controlled by the government, on Monday.

Russia finally agreed with the resolution

Russia initially did not accept a resolution which said that observers should watch over the civilians and their evacuation from Aleppo. However, on Sunday, after many debates which lasted for about three hours, Moscow finally agreed to it. France drafted the entire resolution and the Security Council is expected to vote for it. U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power said that the UN monitors were ready to watch over the evacuation of the civilians from Aleppo. This, according to her, was necessary because of the many reports which were stating that people have been taken off buses and either put into torture chambers or even killed. Some of them simply disappeared without a trace.

In the points destined for evacuation in Aleppo, entire families have been waiting in the freezing night cold. According to some reports, inside the hospitals in Aleppo there was even a more devastating view. Injured patients, many of them children, were laying on the bloodied floors with no water, food or heating source. In the city, there are reportedly only three doctors, a pharmacist and three nurses who can still tend to the victims.

A horrifying war

In this war, which has been going on for six years, more than 310,000 people have lost their lives. However, the war affected Aleppo maybe the worst of all the cities. Bombings have destroyed more than a half of the city’s buildings. In addition, rebels also destroyed big parts of it since they took over the east in 2012.

On Thursday, a UN envoy declared that around 40 000 civilians were still in the rebel-held enclave of Aleppo. Also, 5 000 fighters remained in the city.

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