Video Ads Will Receive Captions on Facebook

In order to better attract the attention of users, video ads will receive captions on Facebook.

Since every single day people are watching videos on Facebook for about one hundred million hours, video ads will receive captions on Facebook. However, most people watch those videos on their news feed in the autoplay mode that plays them silently.

Advertisers subtly add their ads in between the pictures, statuses and videos posted by your friends on the social media platform. However, since they start playing automatically in the silent mode, chances are they are not going to attract the desired attention of the users. This also happens since most of us are annoyed by the constant integration of unwanted content on all types of websites.

However, advertisement makers have to mold themselves after the evolution of technology and the behavior of the consumers. As a result, among the updates announced by Facebook yesterday there is a caption tool.

Graham Mudd, product marketing director of ads from Facebook, has stated that the company believes that about 40% of the video ads that appear on the social media platform do not reach the users unless they have the option of listening to them. This is precisely why Facebook is now launching an auto-captioning tool for video ads, since making them automatically play with the sound on would be terribly annoying.

Advertisers did previously have the option of uploading caption files or adding their personal captions. However, from now on there will be a special tool that will do this for them. Since adding captions seems to increase the view time of the videos by 12%, this change will certainly be quite useful for advertisers. Further studies have confirmed that most people who watch the three seconds at the beginning of a video ad are much likely to continue watching for another ten seconds. Some will even be compelled to watch the whole ad.

However, those three seconds in the beginning are primordial since Facebook counts them as one view. Other industries usually count one view if a user watches half of the ad. Another study commissioned by the major company and conducted by Nielsen discovered that 74% of a video campaign’s value can be delivered in ten seconds, while 47% of the same value can be delivered in only three.

Additionally, Facebook will introduce new measurement metrics for checking the percentage of users that viewed the video ads with the sound on, but it will also extend the buying option related to the 100% in-view. This refers to the fact that advertisers can choose to pay only if a full ad managed to pass through the Facebook news feed. Video ads will receive captions on Facebook, but whether this will change anything or not remains to be seen.

Image Source: iProspect