Vladimir Putin ’s top aide hacked. What does this mean?

Vladimir Putin ’s top aide hacked. What does this mean?

A Ukrainian group called Cyber Hunta has just released more than than 2 000 emails and other material belonging to one of Vladimir Putin’s top aides, Vladislav Surkov. The bad news is that they reveal direct implication with pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Putin denied any implication in the Ukraine conflict

Russian president Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied any implication in the fighting going on in Ukraine for over two years. Back then, rebels in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions proclaimed their independence and made public their desire to join Russia. Over 9 600 people have died in this conflict. In these emails, a list of casualties from 2014 can be found, sent from the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic.

But Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reacted immediately and said that all of these emails are fake and that Surkov does not use email for anything. Ukraine’s National Security Service has a different opinion and said that they are sure that the emails are as real as they can be.

Karma? Payback? A taste of their own medicine?

This hack comes after the United States have accused Russia of hacking many important officials, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some have called this karma. Others think that it is retaliation. Furthermore, this month, Vice President Joe Biden said that the United States would be sending a message for Vladimir Putin. One that he would recognize. Could this be what he was talking about?

Moreover, an analyst said that the United States might be the ones behind this recent hack. Nobody has any evidence of this, but neither do the Americans and they still accused Russia. According to him, this is a warning that Russia should consider. The U.S. has the power to do such things if needed. They are capable of payback and they will not hesitate if the situation calls or it. Wars are no longer fought on battlefields with guns and bombs. They are fought in offices, behind computer screens. And the weapon are the keyboards. This is the world of cyber wars.

The United States denied any involvement

The Kremlin has denied any connection with the separatist movement. But now, it seems like this hack is proving otherwise. They show how Russia actually controlled any separatist action in these regions. This conflict has torn a country apart. But Russia got something out of it. They got Crimea.

Finally, an U.S. intelligence official declared that their country had nothing to do with this hack. And it’s not like they would take responsibility for it anyway. This is the story of the American hack in reverse. A deja-vu.

All in all, it seems like the beginning of a hacking war. And  the players are ready. And in such a modernized world, where people send and receive everything electronically, a hack could be more dangerous than a machine gun. Sometimes, words hurt more than guns. It is interesting that all of this is happening while the presidential campaign in the U.S. has not finished. Practically, the U.S. will soon have no president until people will decide the next one. What could this mean? A weak spot? The beginning of something nobody wants? Time will tell.

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