The Wait for the debate. The Most Interesting Facts

The Wait for the debate. The Most Interesting Facts

Everyone around the world is eagerly awaiting the presidential debate. It will happen on Monday night and it will be the first of three debates leading to the Election Day. By everyone we mean absolutely everyone, not only the specialists in politics or those involved in the campaign. Now, in the eve of the event, there are many questions. What will happen? How will Trump behave? What will Clinton do? We will try to propose some answers to them.

An enormous audience

People all around the world will tune in for the debate. Some 70 to 100 million people are expected to watch it live. Actually, the audience will be so big that some people are predicting it will be bigger than the 1969 moon landing. That is something, right?

Now, while Hillary Clinton is very seriously preparing her speeches for the debate, Donald Trump does not seem so concerned. Actually, he might even come across as uninterested. But let’s face it. He seemed like this before, and he wasn’t at all uninterested. So this should not make Clinton take him for granted.

Advices, advices, advices

Both of the candidates are receiving some interesting advices from very interesting people. For example, Hillary Clinton was encouraged by Barrack Obama to “just be herself” or to behave “presidentially”. Ok, we are not really convinced that this is the right way to confront Trump. But in contrast with him (if he chooses to attack or insult her), Hillary will look like the better person there. But it is risky. Why? Because Trump might not attack or insult her at all. So how are you dealing with a calm and professional Trump? Now that’s a challenge!

And it might happen because the Republicans are advising Trump to take the “good” path to the presidential chair. His team says that if he can hold back the insults or any other vicious behaviors, he will “win it”. He might just do!

Fun facts

Some have noticed that Donald Trump hasn’t given a press conference in… two months! Interesting. Given the fact that he loves playing with the press and the audience, this is not only weird but also… uncharacteristic. Maybe he’s preparing for the debate and he doesn’t want to waste topics of discussion? Could be.

Taking a look on the other side of the veil, Hillary Clinton seems to be recovering in the polls. With a good performance in the debate, it might be enough to take the chair. But if she will not do well in the election, the result will most probably be because of the election.

The thing is, is the moderator somehow fails to touch on certain subjects, both candidates should. People want a lively debate, full of insults and poisoned words! (joke here!) On a more serious note, both candidates should do well if they manage to evidentiate each other’s bad traits. And to use them in their own favor. Do this gracefully, and you’ll most probably go home victorious!

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