Wash. Transgender Woman Ousted from Women’s Restroom by Security Guard

'Transgender rights'

Transgender rights activists on the streets of London, July 2010.

Ebony Belcher, a 32-year-old transgender woman, claims he was kicked out of a women’s restroom at a Giant store in Washington D.C. The security agent, who reportedly yelled at the transgender woman and physically assaulted him, is now facing charges.

Belcher, who is also affected by Parkinson Disease, said such thing ‘never, ever, ever’ happened to him. The man has been a transgender woman since he was 14. He is also a Baltimore City Community College graduate.

The transgender woman said that he was mortified when a female security guard entered the bathroom, physically abused him, and forced him to leave the restroom and store. Belcher said that the woman told him that she was tired of seeing transgender people sneaking into women’s bathroom although ‘the law’ wasn’t passed yet.

“I know you’re a man, you ‘he-she,’”

the Giant security guard yelled at him.

He also said that the guard called him ‘derogatory names’ before asking him to leave the facility. Next, the officer allegedly grabbed his shoulder and arm and pushed him out of the restroom and store.

The security guard noticed Belcher was heading to the ladies’ restroom while standing in the hallway after Belcher had asked another store employee to show him the way to the woman’s restroom.

The incident comes amid national controversy of the recent federal directive forcing school districts to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their sexual identity, not biology. Parents and teachers are concerned that sexual predators may use the opportunity to peek on and even assault women and children.

President Obama argued, however, that everyone should be treated fairly in the country.

Critics described the move as an unprecedented presidential overreach. On the other hand, the transgender woman is happy that justice will be served as the guard who assaulted him is now charged with simple assault.

Belcher added that such incidents should stop as things should not be this way. The police confirmed his story after looking at the grocery store’s surveillance cameras. Giant management said that the guard is not its employee. She was dispatched by a third-party security firm.

In North Carolina, lawmakers recently passed a law that bars transgender people from using public restrooms, locker rooms, and showers that do not match their biology. Shortly after, the state was sued by the Department of Justice for trampling on LGBT people’s civil rights.

Image Source: Wikimedia