This is Why you Can’t Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

'New Year’s resolution'

More than half of Americans decided to lose some weight or start to workout for the New Year.

Weight loss experts and fitness buffs have known theses secrets for years but they recently decided to share them with the rest of us.

The errors non-professionals that try to stick to their New Year’s weight loss resolutions make are widespread, but most people often fail to note that they are doing it wrong.

Experts say that many people try to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time. For instance, many try to live solely on veggies and detox foods while they engage in back-breaking fitness sessions.

Jenny Hadfield, a well-known fitness coach, explained that people get too enthusiastic and lose grasp of reality. This is why they tend to overdo just about everything including exercise and dieting.

Hadfield said that most of her clients who had made this error ditched their weight loss resolution after three weeks and even put on some extra pounds. For strenuous workouts the body needs fuel, so if there isn’t any, it soon gets exhausted and rebels.

Experts have known for some time that a strict low-calorie diet combined with a strenuous workout plan forces the body to lower its metabolic rates because to prevent starvation. And lower metabolic rates mean that the pounds do not go down. This is why people lose some weight in an initial stage, but they end up with a lot extra when the hunger is over.

Experts recommend baby steps. Dietary changes should not be abrupt. You should only make small changes at one time and let the body adjust to changes. Exercises should be varied and not put an additional strain on the body. It is enough that you exercise, for the body to command your brain to feel full on a lot less.

Hadfield, however, recommends that you have a healthy snack 30 minutes before you begin workout, because if you become hungry you will experience weakness. You should try out a wide range of healthy snacks to see what works best for you without damaging your stomach.

Another error people make when they try to lose weight is picking a random diet and sticking to it, although that diet may not be fit for them. Jim White, a Virginia nutrition expert, says that there has never been an one-size-fit-all eating plan. These diets only work on the short run and they are very harmful.

Diets should be affordable and you should enjoy sticking to them for long-lasting effects. Plus, you should also indulge in your favorite unhealthy foods once in a week and not feel guilty that you cheat. White cautioned that guilt can compromise all your weight loss efforts in no time.
Image Source: Wikimedia