West Nile Virus Is Spreading

mosquito on a leaf

The West Nile virus is spreading in Redwood City and Atherton.

The West Nile virus is spreading in Redwood City and Atherton, as two dead birds have tested positive for the West Nile virus this Wednesday. This is the first time the disease has been detected during this period of the year in the county.

Summer is the main season for the West Nile virus. It has already been found in mosquitoes in San Jose since June. 2002 was the year with the largest encephalitis outbreak caused by mosquitoes, in the Illinois state.That year, there were 52 cases of West Nile virus and three deaths related to the virus.

Last year, positive mosquito batches were collected all over the state. Even a local politician has contracted the virus. This year, experts were baffled that no mosquitoes carrying West Nile have been found. All 90 tests so far have been negative.

People should take caution when working outdoors, particularly in the evening. Among these measures are wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and using an approved repellent. It should be applied to all exposed skin and on thin pieces of clothing, as some of the mosquitoes carrying the virus can bite through thin clothing.Water holding containers should be emptied, so mosquitoes don’t have a place to breed.

The West Nile virus spreads through infected mosquito bites. The illness cannot be passed from person to person. Many people with the virus have no symptoms or experience mild flu symptoms. These include fever, body aches, headache, vomiting, nausea or a skin rash.

Less than 1% of those infected go on to develop a serious illness of the brain, like meningitis (the inflammation of surrounding brain tissue) or encephalitis.

If you have serious symptoms, you should seek immediate medical care. The best way to prevent West Nile disease is to prevent mosquito bites. Mosquitoes tend to appear where humidity is present. That’s where they thrive, and these are the most dangerous places to be in summer.

Two dead crows were found in Atherton and Redwood City, in the state of California. This is the first indication that the virus is present in San Mateo County.What is your opinion on this subject? Do you know how the West Nile virus is spreading and what can be done to protect from it? Please tell us below.

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