Is Westworld the new Game of Thrones?

Is Westworld the new Game of Thrones?

The new HBO TV-show Westworld debuted on Sunday night. The show is based on a 1973 film with the same name. It is set in a theme park populated with human-like androids. They are the “hosts” to the park’s visitors, called “newcomers”. They are also especially programmed not to kill any living creature.

The premiere

The first episode of the series takes us to the first main area of the park, called Westworld (there are two more, called Medieval Worlds and Roman World). Many newcomers arrive in the park by train, including the main character played by James Marsden, Teddy Flood. This are of the park looks exactly like the real west. Empty saloons, dusty roads and inhabitants which behave like normal human beings, despite the fact that they are all androids.

Dolores Abernathy, played by Evan Rachel Wood is another main character of the show. Actor Ed Harris plays The Gunslinger, a mysterious newcomer who meets the two characters. After a conflict, he ends up killing Teddy. The interesting thing is that each night the park resets, so that in the morning everything goes back to the way it was. Teddy lives.

Anthony Hopkins plays dr. Robert Ford, who is the creative director of the park. It is revealed that he had caused a problem with the hosts when he programmed them to remember past interactions. He did this in order to make them feel more lifelike.

It is finally revealed that Dolores is actually the oldest android in the park. Because of the existing host problem, she is the only one who is put back into the park. The rest are stored in a cold place. But things become serious when Dolores goes against her programming and kills a fly.

The next Game of Thrones?

Now the question on everybody’s lips. Can Westworld become the new Game of Thrones? They are both HBO shows so the comparison is inevitable. Even if the styles of the two shows are extremely different, something unites them: the unexpected twists. So if the producers keep the turns as frequent as in the first episode, we might have a race!

We all know that Game of Thrones is close to its inevitable end. The next two seasons will be shorter and will wrap up the epic adventure we all fell in love with. But now, keeping this in mind, it is only normal for HBO to continue the legacy and bring on something equally good. Westworld might just be it. The cast is fully of accomplished and famous actors. J.J. Abrams is backing it, Jonathan Nolan wrote it and Game of Thrones’ musical producer Ramin Djawadi composed the score. What more can a show ask for?

All in all, specialists describe the new show as a dark odyssey which shows us the peak of artificial intelligence and how it affects people. This is entirely true. Keep in mind that you cannot compare Game of Thrones with Westworld in terms of story or feel. They do not have anything in common. The only acceptable comparison is that between their quality, popularity and the fact that are both made by HBO.

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