WhatsApp is Now Available on Desktops

"WhatsApp is Now Available on Desktops"

The app became available for Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS users.

WhatsApp is now available on desktops, proof that the instant messaging app is continuously expanding. Following the release of this week, the app becomes available for Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS. It seems that Skype, the pre-existent popular mobile and desktop app, now has a new rival.

WhatsApp is a platform for instant messaging that allows smartphone users to exchange text, pictures, audio and video messages. It is a free app and can be used on iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android. For those who can’t rely on unlimited text messaging, WhatsApp is truly a necessity. Just connect to the Internet and you can chat with your friends for free. Previously only available on smartphones, WhatsApp is now available on desktops as well.

WhatsApp makes its way to Windows and OS so that people can continue a conversation started on the mobile device on their desktop as well. The instant messaging service takes pride in having a billion active users. Because so many people are relying on the app for chatting, their needs have to be addressed constantly. WhatsApp’s developers want you to stay in touch with your friend anytime and anywhere.

Windows users should know that the app is supported only on Windows 8 and 10. In case you have an earlier version, you might have to consider going for any of these two. The same goes for Apple’s OS. WhatsApp is available on Mac OS 10.9 and upper.

Both desktop apps are synced with the WhatsApp on your mobile device. Because it runs on desktop, WhatsApp is coming to you with improved keyboard shortcuts, support for live desktop notifications, and more. Another good news is that the instant messaging company will not introduce third-party ads.

If you want to download the new desktop app, just go to WhatsApp’s official web page from your desktop browser. Check for the Web menu under Settings. Open the app, and using the app on your phone, scan the QR code.

And WhatsApp won’t stop here. There are rumors of a call back button, archive sharing, voicemail, video calls and more. It remains to be seen if all the features will become available for both mobile and desktop users.

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