Trumps Shocking Statement to the LGBT Community Breaks All the Rules

Trumps Shocking Statement to the LGBT Community Breaks All the Rules

Late on Monday night, the White House responded to some rather alarming rumors. According to those, the new administration does not want to keep the protections for gay, bisexual and transgender federal workers. More precisely, for the people part of the LGBT community. However, it seems like the Trump administration denied all those false reports. They said that they would keep the Obama administration protections.

Trump supports the LGBT community

According to the official statement by the White House, president Donald Trump is going to keep the LGBT protections throughout his mandate. He reportedly supports this community and respects their rights, the same way he always did, even during his presidential campaign. Moreover, the statement said that Trump has been the first presidential nominee who mentioned the LGBT community and rights in his acceptance speech for the nomination. He reportedly said that he would do everything possible to protect those people and to make sure that others respect their rights.

Barack Obama’s administration first introduced this executive order which granted protections to LGBT federal and other workers, back in 2014. However, this entire controversy started because an early draft of another executive order which would cancel the protections reportedly began circulating around the White House. Some people panicked and the report ended up in the media, alarming many people.

A reversal of the order

Washington Post political columnist Josh Rogin was the one who explained on Twitter what this order could have meant for the community.

This supposed reversal of the executive order, if it would have happened, could have affected the benefits and jobs of many federal workers. According to the New Civil Rights Movement, the president was going to sign this order before Thursday. Tensions also escalated after White House spokesman Sean Spicer did not answer specific questions from various journalists. This prompted people to believe that the Trump administration will not keep the protections. Fortunately, the White House was quick to issue the official statement and put an end to all these speculations. The statement also said that president Donald Trump was the one who insisted on keeping the LGBT protections.

The Vice President is not an LGBT supporter

However, Vice President Mike Pence is known to not be a supporter of the LGBT communities. Moreover, when he was still the governor of Indiana, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This was a bill which allowed businesses to not serve gay or transsexual people. At the time, the bill was met with a wave of criticism and protests all over the country. As a consequence, they took out some controversial parts of it. This fact might prove that it maybe was not exactly Trump who insisted on keeping the LGBT protections, considering that his Vice President is so against gay people.

All in all, it seems like the trump administration is finally doing something which does not enrage the masses. After the wildly controversial “Muslim ban”, it is a good thing that they have decided to keep the LGBT protections for federal workers.

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