Your Lungs Are Harmed by Chemical Flavors from E-Cigarettes

A new study has concluded that your lungs are harmed by chemical flavors from e-cigarettes.

It seems than when we are trying to find a healthy solution to our vices we might often be tricked into an even more damaging habit. A new study has concluded that your lungs are harmed by chemical flavors from e-cigarettes.

Maciej Goniewicz, oncology assistant professor at the Cancer Institute Roswell Park and senior study author, stated that 108 out of the total of 145 e-cigarettes studied by the researchers contain benzaldehyde. Benzaldehyde is a chemical especially present in the cherry flavor which irritates the lungs. Goniewicz added that side effects of this chemical most surely include coughing.

Benzaldehyde is frequently used for flavoring various products, but also in medicine, as it can taste like cherries or almonds. While it can be safely applied to the skin or ingested, it seems the chemical is quite harmful when inhaled. The vapors can also irritate the eyes.

The study involved an automatic simulator for smoking that generated aerosol vapor. The whole process consisted of two series. During each of them fifteen puffs were taken, with a break of five minutes, thus testing the 145 e-cigarettes. After a series of calculations, researchers compared the daily dose of an average smoker with that of an experienced one and thus concluded that the dose of Benzaldehyde can affect their lungs.

Even though the chemical is present in various flavors, it seems it is more likely to found in the cherry one. E-cigarettes with this flavor also have a higher dose of Benzaldehyde than others. Compared to a normal cigarette, the dose inhaled from the thirty puffs of the study was much higher. Furthermore, the rate from flavored e-cigarettes was 1000 times lower than allowed dosage to which workers can be exposed during a normal eight-hour shift.

The researchers concluded that even though e-cigarettes might help many smokers quit this harmful habit, they might actually continue to worsen their health by inhaling these tempting flavors. Goniewicz argued that if users of e-cigarettes are experiencing any abnormal symptoms, they should change the flavor to another one.

There have been many debates about the harm of electronic cigarettes or other smoking devices like shishas, especially when comparing them to normal cigarettes. While some believe that these are less harmful than cigarettes, others consider that they are both unhealthy or even that they are more noxious than cigarettes. However, your lungs are harmed by chemical flavors from e-cigarettes, as we have previously seen that normal flavored cigarettes have been banned in many countries.

Image SourceAmerican Live Wire