Youtube Has an Amazing New Function

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This amazing new function will allow for live video broadcasting through your phone

We’re talking about YouTube’s mobile live stream app, which allows users to record YouTube videos using their mobile phones. This amazing new function will allow for live video broadcasting through your phone, but for now, it’s only available to select YouTube content creators.

Youtube product manager Kurt Wilms took the stage at Vidcon, a popular on-line video conference, where he explained the latest features that Youtube would host. Before, Youtube only allowed verified users to use the app, and only through the Creator Studio.

The new tool is more user-friendly, and it will be included in the Youtube app. Facebook’s live video option and Twitter’s Periscope are two of the other key competitors on the market who have upgraded their apps to use live video broadcasting.

Because this new app is built into the core of Youtube, it’s going to be easy to use. You simply tap a red button placed on the lower right side of the screen, take a selfie to use as video thumbnail and start broadcasting. All the videos will be found on the right, on the user’s Youtube channel. This new service allows searching, recommending, and offers protection from unauthorized users.

The amazing new function notifies the subscribers whenever you’re broadcasting; it has a built-in chat option, and you can specify whether your stream will be public or not.

As the on-line video war continues between the main players, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, Reality TV is emerging as a new favorite genre.

People broadcast exactly what they’re doing: be it testing games, like Pewdiepie does or offering reviews for products, this type of Reality TV is now very popular on YouTube and other platforms.

The pioneers for reality TV are already popular on YouTube. Here are a few of the main channels which use Reality TV: Alex Wassabi, AIB or the Young Turks network.

YouTube also broadcasted live events, such as the Royal Wedding, which took place in 2011, Baumgartner’s leap from a space-plane in 2012 and Coachella Festival, which attracted over 21 million viewers.

YouTube is a media company which allows people to create and share media content.

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Image Source: Pixabay