Zayn Malik has released his Autobiography. What we didn’t know about his Life

Zayn Malik has released his Autobiography. What we didn’t know about his Life

Ex-member of the British boy band One Direction, Zayn Malik, has just released his autobiography. So now, not only is he a successful singer, he is on the verge of becoming an equally successful writer too. But one may wonder what can a 23-year old write in an autobiography? He is very young and while he has known success at a very young age, does he really have enough material for an entire book? It seems he does.

On why he could not connect with his band anymore

Zayn Malik has left One Direction in 2015. Since then, the band released one more album before taking an indefinite break. They say they took this decision to let each one of them pursue their personal ambitions. We are saying that they are done for good. But we will see if they will indeed come back.

But Zayn cited some serious musical differences between him and his band mates, as one of the causes for which he left One Direction. He said that even tough fans everywhere loved their music and he appreciated all the support, he felt constrained to sing something which did not work for him. It was not what he wanted to sing, and the lyrics were not talking about real, genuine things. So he got sick of “repeating someone else’s lines”, and left for good.

The anxiety factor

He acknowledged that he suffered from anxiety when he was in the band. Concerts, performances, TV shows, tours, they were all extremely exhausting. So he snapped. Everyone wondered what happened to him when he abruptly left a hugely successful boy band at its peak. This was one of the main reasons. Zayn Malik said that he felt like he could not do it anymore. So, when his mother encouraged him to do what he felt was best, he did not think twice. And he has never looked back since.

Rockstar life and feminism

Zayn believes that women should run the world. He thinks that women are more capable of taking logical and intelligent decision and of finding calmer solutions to many problems. In his opinion, more women should be put into powerful positions around the world.

As for his chaotic life with One Direction, Zayn Malik revealed that they got kicked out of two separate villas. One in Hollywood Hills and one in Malibu. The reasons? The loud parties they were throwing.

The eating disorder and the excessive stress

According to Zayn, around November 2014 he was feeling absolutely horrible. Day were passing when he was not eating anything at all. He thought it was because of the stress, but things got serious. Malik said that he felt like nothing was under his control, apart from food. He was never diagnosed, but he thinks this was what he was suffering from. Now, he said that he feels in full control of his career and the possibilities are endless. He promised big surprises in the coming months for his fans.

His book called “Zayn” is out now.

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