$100 Million Mental Health Investment

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A mental health investment worth over $100 million was announced on Tuesday by St Joseph Health.

A mental health investment worth over $100 million was announced on Tuesday by St Joseph Health, the third biggest non-profit in America. The Institute for Mental Health will serve inhabitants across seven states, where the non-profit has 50 hospitals available.

The merger between Joseph Health and Providence Health and Services was signed off last month. The agreement was signed under the condition that the new entity invests $30 million in mental health facilities for Californians.

There is greater demand for quality mental health services in the communities across America. This area will see significant increases in funding, Annette Walker, president of Joseph Health says. The system is going to follow research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies, to serve not just the body, but the mind and spirit of an individual.

Walker said that funds would come from community budgets, money which can be spent on charity care and health development since such non-profits have a tax-exempt status. The money will serve initiatives against homelessness, addiction, and depression. A committee of experts will form to advise how funds will be spent.

In OC (The Orange County), 10% of hospitalizations have to do with mental health. Acute care can’t cope with these specific needs.

100,000 caregivers across seven states will have the new entity as the parent organization. The initiative should be a step forward in improving mental health. The common practice of the two institutions will deliver new momentum to healing the communities, using expanded access, best practices and greater affordability for those who need them. This demonstrates care for future generations.

The new association will make efforts to address the gaps in America’s health system. Linda Rosenberg, CEO of the National Council on Behavioral Health believes that the organization will make important steps forward and bring hopes to many individuals and families affected by mental health challenges.

The initiative makes it easier for people who need funds to access them.  There are hopes to improve the overall mental health of Americans, through funding therapy, drugs, treatments and housing and nursing care for homeless adults, to prevent these people from visiting the emergency room for minor issues.

The $100 million investment is going to represent a leap forward for the Mental Health System in the USA since it will help innovate and develop strategies to cope with the challenges of mental health.

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