BMW To Make Autonomous Cars By 2021

BMW sports car

BMW is planning a partnership to make autonomous cars

Even though it seems automated cars are a thing of Science-Fiction movies, BMW is planning a partnership to make autonomous cars by 2021. This is a bold move on the automobile market. BMW kept this decision secret until now. BMW will team up with Intel for the chip part and with the Israelis from Mobileye for the assistance system.

The surprising move was announced on the 1st of July. After Google, Tesla, and General Motors, now BMW wants a piece of the automated vehicle market. The high-definition cameras built by Mobileye will be responsible for keeping track of the lanes and for avoiding hitting pedestrians. These safety features are essential for bringing this sophisticated technology to reality.

Intel, on the other hand, will probably be responsible for manufacturing the chips for the Artificial Intelligence system. BMW did not go into details with regards to Intel’s role.

With Google dominating the competition at the moment, BMW is still behind. Google has dozens of automated cars that travel 10,000 to 15,000 miles weekly. In total, these cars have covered 1.3 million miles. Volkswagen also revealed plans for its future strategy, called „Strategy 2025” which aims to build and launch a fully automated car by the beginning of the next decade.

BMW’s driverless prototype car is dubbed BMW iNEXT, and it will be the foundation for future strategies and have driverless ride sharing incorporated solutions. Bill Gates also made a statement on driverless cars, saying they’re 15 years away from being driven by a significant percentage.

BMW and its partners are convinced that future travel will be safer and easier. There are levels of automated driving: firstly, taking your hands off the steering wheel, which has already been achieved. The second level is to take your eyes off the road. And the third level will truly test the car’s capabilities, completely taking your mind off the road.

For now, car makers are still struggling with level 2. But there are future hopes for autonomous car-friendly cities, with safe, level 3 autonomous driving. So far, cities like Munich, have accepted to provide a few areas as a playground for self-driving cars.

Do you think that driverless cars are just a fad, or are they a futuristic achievement? Tell us your opinion on BMW’s intention to make autonomous cars below.

Image Source – Pixabay