Azealia Banks accuses Russell Crowe of Racial Insults and Assault

Azealia Banks accuses Russell Crowe of Racial Insults and Assault

On Saturday night, singer Azealia Banks was invited to a meeting at Russell Crowe’s Beverly Hills Hotel suite. Until now, nothing unusual. These gatherings happen all the time. But the problem is that Azealia is now accusing the actor of assaulting her and addressing racial insults.

What are people saying

Witnesses who were present at the party do not agree with Banks. They are saying that the singer was the one who actually insulted Crowe and his guests. Reportedly, she even went on and threatened to get violent. The guests said that the actor himself was the one who took her out of the party. Soon after, the security intervened.

But it seems like now, Azealia Banks is the one who filed a report with the Beverly Hills Police Department. So, who’s side of the story is actually true? Her manager declared that the singer is not feeling well and that she wants to leave for New York.

Azealia’s new collaboration

Azealia Banks has begun working with musical producer RZA earlier this month. This is actually the reason why she ended up at Russell’s Crowe’s party. RZA brought her there to meet some new people. He has been collaborating with Crowe on some of his movies, so he was one of the actor’s guests. But witnesses are reporting that she was behaving inappropriately and at one point, she even laughed at Russell Crowe and his guests, supposedly calling them “boring white men”.

Another guest explained that when someone at the party said to her that she does not have the appropriate behavior, Banks started threatening that she would stab them with a glass. Russell Crowe reportedly intervened and took her out, while calling the security.

Her side of the story

Azealia took to Facebook and explained what happened in a lengthy post. The interesting part is that she later deleted it. According to her, Russell Crowe was disrespectful to her and even chocked and spat at her. She put the blame on everyone who was present for allowing this to happen and explained that she is battling depression. Also, she wished to have someone to beat him in her name. This last statement proves everything that must be proved. Both sides of the story might be twisted, but a respectful young artist should never say something like this in an official statement.

An investigation

Her manager defended her and deemed the reports of the witnesses “fiction”. On the other side, nobody from Crowe’s team has responded to the accusations. But there are reports which are saying that many witnesses have testified, one of them being RZA. He has reportedly said that it is all Bank’s fault. It looks like Azealia’s recent collaboration might have ended more abruptly than expected. The police have started an investigation. Her manager also said that Azealia will speak after she has fully processed what happened and when the time will be right.

These kinds of scandals are not isolated cases in the entertainment world, but sometimes, if you read between the lines, you might discover the truth. All of it.

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