Bing Receives an Impressive Update for iOS Devices

Bing receives an impressive update for iOS devices from Microsoft.

Bing receives an impressive update for iOS devices, in yet another effort of surpassing its competition. After the significant update from November, the application will become even more organized in order to help its users find whatever they need quickly and efficiently.

The update from three months ago changed the interface of the Bing app, and thus the process of browsing through images, movies, videos, restaurants, maps and others. Additionally, it introduced a new media player, as well as integration for other applications that allowed Bing to search and act from a single place.

This was followed by another update in December, which implemented a comparison feature for in-store prices, animated GIFs support and Uber data in real time. Now, the time has come for the third consecutive update, which aims to help users when shopping and especially saving money.

Firstly, the new version of the Bing application will feature a new module named Deals. This is meant for comparing prices from different shopping sources. It also allows users to browse through various discounts, offers and coupons found in close restaurants and shops.

Secondly, following the lead of Google Maps, Bing for iPhone now features updates gas prices. Users can now rely on Bing Local to look for nearby gas stations and compare prices, which are provided by GasBuddy. All you need to do is type “gas” in the search bar and the app will do the rest.

Thirdly, the new update features other significant improvements including 3D Touch. Quick Actions now benefit from 3D Touch support, giving you the possibility of pressing the icon of the app to quickly launch a bar code scanner or search either by voice or by text. The Today Feed will feature from now on information on weather and the option of adding bookmarks.

Furthermore, the impressive update for the Bing app involves other smaller improvements, including a news search section, improved bookmarks management, the top dishes of select restaurants, reduced memory footprint, smooth performance, reduced crashes, quick responsiveness, improved voice search and clean sharing options.

Bing receives an impressive update for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The application is optimized for any iPod Touch or iPhone equipped with iOS 8.0 or a later version. While it might be difficult to keep up the pace with Google, Microsoft seems to be on the right path, especially since the company has also recently updated Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant.

Image Source: Search Engine Land