China might help U.S. ’s foes if Trump threatens “One China” Policy

China might help U.S. ’s foes if Trump threatens “One China” Policy

On Sunday, president-elect Donald Trump revisited the idea that the United States might not acknowledge the “ one China “ policy. This is a concept which deals with the fact that Taiwan is integrant part of China. Trump has also previously questioned this policy. His conviction might harshly affect the U.S-China relationship, which has been a good one for many years.

The “One China” policy

It all started when Donald Trump received a phone call from the president of Taiwan on December 2. This action made China very angry as it was the first conversation between a U.S. president and a Taiwan leader since 1979. Let’s remember that Taiwan split from China in 1949, as a follow up of the Chinese civil war. This is what makes the Chinese believe that Taiwan is integrant part of the nation which, if needed, can be retaken, even by force if the situation calls it.

Donald trump has not made the situation any less tense. He said that China is not respecting some important matters and not cooperating. For example, they are not helping with the denuclearization of North Korea and the territorial situation in South China Sea. The president-elect was adamant that China has no right to tell him or any leader who to speak on the phone with. This week, Trump said that the U.S. would think about recognizing this “ one China “  policy only if the Chinese government would be willing to change some things. He also said that he does not understand why the U.S. has to abide by this policy when China does no respect other more important rules.

China might help U.S.’s foes

Even if China has not issued an official response yet, on Monday, an article in the “Global Times” dealt with this problem. The editorial said that the country “cannot be bullied” by Trump and that the “ one China “ policy must be respected and is here to stay. Still, maybe the most important and severe fact was that China might be willing to aid U.S.’s enemies if the situation is not resolved. The country is capable of offering military assistance to America’s foes if the situation calls for it. According to many Chinese officials and intellectuals, this matter of the Taiwan being part of China is not disputable and nobody has the right to intervene. If they do, things might become dangerous. Moreover, another Chinese article has called Donald Trump “ignorant” in regard with this sensitive matter.

A threat from Trump

A professor at the Renmin University in Beijing thinks that what Donald Trump has declared regarding Taiwan sound dangerously like a threat. The professor also said that he does not think that Trump is going to abide by this policy. He may be looking to gain economical or trade benefits or to even scare the Chinese government. In one word: a well-thought strategy.

Other intellectuals are saying that what Trump is doing poses an extreme risk. He should not be mingling in this delicate situation. Many leaders could have done it in the past, but they chose not to. Why? Because it is too dangerous to intervene and the repercussions might be severe.

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