Donald Trump calls the Election “Rigged”

Donald Trump calls the Election “Rigged”

Everyone has agreed by now that Donald Trump has pretty much destroyed any chance he ever had of actually being the president of the United States. But, even like this, his campaign must still act and try to do something to clean his reputation. It is late, useless and embarrassing for them, we agree. But it is their job after all. Donald Trump’s most recent accusation? That the entire campaign is rigged against him. This is not only absurd, but he kept insisting on it again and again. We bet it has even become an inside joke by now.

Why the silence?

But the Republican officials are still dead silent. It is not like Trump is saying intelligent and presidential things. Not at all. He is actually throwing accusations left and right and people are sitting there in silence, hoping that he will stop soon and they can go home.

Even some of the most important Republican representatives in the country are not even trying to clean some of his mess. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House might be the two most influential Republican leaders. But they have yet to step in and convince the world that what Trump is saying and alluding is wrong on so many levels. They know for a fact that the election is not rigged. Yet, they are quiet about it. We get it! It is normal to protect your political preference, but when it comes to admitting an obvious truth, you should do it.

Some republicans are backing him

Some other very important republicans are, on the contrary, backing Donald Trump in his illusion. At some of his campaign rallies, they have declared that it is entirely possible that the election might be rigged. Another one expressed his worries that Trump would be a fool to think that the voting in some big cities will be fair. What does this mean? As a candidate who thinks that you have no chance of winning because of arranged elections, you graciously step down from the race. Or is Trump aware that he does not have any chance, and he is actually preparing the way for his failure? Both cases might be true.

Trump has no evidence

But even if the Republican leaders will finally decide to speak, what would they tell the voters? To simply not vote for their candidate? That would be a first. But they might get away with it if they will convince people that the voting process is fair for everyone. No rigging, no nothing. Also, those accusations that Trump is throwing left and right have no actual base. Evidence of a rigged election does not exist. And he knows it.

All in all, people should do what they want to. Vote for who they prefer. But the Republican leaders should be aware of the fact that the crowd is not stupid. They know the truth and they will act on it. Maybe this is exactly why they chose to not act. Because they know that the people will choose right and Donald Trump has no chance.

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