Trump Answers Hard Hitting Questions About His Persona And What He Said Next Will Shock You

Trump Answers Hard Hitting Questions About His Persona And What He Said Next Will Shock You

Donald Trump said in the beginning of his first interview as president that he is a changed man already. The problem here is that Mr. Trump may not know the definition of the word “changed”. During the interview with ABC, he did not seem a changed man at all. On the contrary, he kept on attacking his opponents, on criticizing and on bragging on and on. Moreover, he did not stop with the unverified claims and controversial ideas. He is still the Trump we all know and the job did not change him one bit. If it did something, it made him even worse than before.

Controversies, unverified claims and attacks

Donald Trump is now aware that his words have a much greater impact than ever before. This will only make him say even more controversial things and claim a lot of mostly unverified facts. He kept on doing that during his first interview as president too. He talked about the children who were illegally brought in the United States and said that people should stop worrying so much. His administration is going to find a solution for everyone and take care of them all. He even said that his team would put forward a policy regarding this situation in the coming weeks.

Trump also talked about the fact that, according to him, up to 5 million people voted illegally. Moreover, he accused the members of the Congress who were present when this situation was discussed, of making the details public. Trump said that the press did not get it right and that this subject was not discussed more than a minute at the meeting. So, the president still cannot stop himself from attacking the press, the same way he did before becoming president. Again, nothing new here.

On torture and the nuclear “biscuit”

When asked about his opinion on torture as a means of obtaining valuable information, Donald Trump said that it can be very efficient. However, he stated that he would listen to what his Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, has to say. According to Trump, he knows how these things work and he trusts him enormously. It is interesting to note that the president claims to have spoken to people from intelligence agencies and asked them if various forms of torture really work. They answer was supposedly positive.

As for the nuclear “biscuit” which is passed on from president to president, Trump said that it was a rather scary moment. The so-called nuclear “biscuit” is actually a card which contains the president’s authentication codes which can be used to launch a nuclear strike at any given time. Each president must have it on them at all times, everywhere he goes. It is a tradition which is still being kept and it seems like Trump already received his own “biscuit”.

If you would like to see part of the President’s interview with ABC News you can watch below:

Trump concluded his interview by showing some photos of his inauguration crowd. He stated once again, inaccurately, that he managed to gather the biggest crowd ever. This is of course false, but the president is apparently convinced that it is the truth. It is nice to see the glass half full, but sometimes this can become very deceiving.

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