What does Donald Trump’s Election mean for Asia?

What does Donald Trump’s Election mean for Asia?

On Thursday, president-elect Donald Trump will be meeting, for the first time, with a foreign leader. It will be none other than Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Was this first meeting intentionally set? Of course. Donald Trump and his team want to prove that the critics he received regarding his foreign-policy ideas are wrong.  And what other way to start doing this than by meeting United States’ biggest ally in Asia, Japan.

An important meeting

According to reports, the Japanese Prime Minister and Donald Trump talked on the phone last week and established a meeting in New York. This comes right after many people shared their opinions regarding the situation in which Trump’s election puts the Asian continent. Jeff Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University in Japan, said that everyone in Asia feels uncertain about this. From the biggest countries to the smallest ones, they all want to know whether or not Trump will really act on his convictions. Long story short, if they need to start panicking or not.

Establishing a friendly relationship

Shinzo Abe will meet Trump in his way to the Peru summit, when he will discuss about an alliance with the U.S. Kingston also thinks that because Abe did not have a very good relationship with Barack Obama (not that they hated each other, but a lack of chemistry), he will now want to begin on a positive note. He wants to talk with Trump in a friendly manner. But Donald Trump addressed some very sensitive points during his campaign. Among others, he said that Japan should acquire nuclear weapons and defend itself from North Korea. Which is not something a future president must say out loud. Now it suddenly becomes clear why the Japanese Prime Minister wants to begin their relationship on a positive note.

But Abe will most probably want to know how is Trump planning to act about North Korea and their use of missiles. Back in June, Donald trump said that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, would be more than welcomed at the White House. This in the eventuality that he might want to discuss the situation. And if Trump will have a successful meeting with Abe, he might just prove that his initially outlandish ideas might become something much better. A nice reality.

China’s situation

As for China, things are not so calm. Donald trump has repeatedly accused them of “raping” the United States. He said this when he was talking about a trading problem. The thing is that many specialists are convinced that Trump would not do such a thing. It is all about the deep connection these two global powers have. They have the strongest economies, so it would be stupid to go one against the other.

Also, according to many people familiar with the issue, Donald Trump is not considered stupid at all. He needed to say shocking things in order to get the votes. But he will most probably not put them into practice. It is an unwritten rule of the presidents that during your first mandate you are not making huge changes. So Trump would not want to slim his chances of being re-elected. He just has to take the diplomatic route and things will go well. At least, let’s hope they will.

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