EU Pres Trusk Claims US Is As Big A Threat As Terrorism

EU Pres Trusk Claims US Is As Big A Threat As Terrorism

European Union President Donald Tusk called U.S. president Donald Trump’s administration a “threat” on Tuesday. This statement would most probably increase the tensions between the European Union and the United States even more. Recently, Trump called the 28-member alliance “obsolete” and “a vehicle for Germany”. However, Tusk might have only verbalized what most Europeans think at the moment. Apart from the Trump administration, Tusk said that China, Russia, terrorism and radical Islam are also “threats”.

A threat for the future

Donald Tusk stated that what the new American administration is saying and doing at the moment puts everyone’s future at great risk. It is interesting that the European Union president’s letter for all the members of the alliance is far away from being a diplomatic act. This might prove that the situation is serious and that the Union wants to display things as they are, without hiding behind diplomacy. President Tusk’s strong approach is another reason to believe that things are really serious. After all, the United States are a trusted ally of the European Union of seventy years. Still, it seems like the alliance does not want to be silent anymore.

Among other things, Donald Trump said that he had a “very bad experience” working with the European Union when he was a businessman. He did not offer any more details at that moment. Moreover, the fact that there is so much tension going on between the EU and the United States might only prove to be beneficial for Russia. The European giant wants to see a weakened EU-U.S. relationship. It would also like to see a dismembered NATO alliance.

A worrying approach

A former EU diplomat said that it is worrying that president Tusk chose such a strong language in his letter. It is rather unusual, but this only proves how serious the situation is right now. Donald Trump’s policies in regards with the European Union are “unprecedented”. He also said that everyone in Europe would expect the United States to be a great leader. One who wants to unify and keep the countries together. However, now, with the arrival of Trump, things might become complicated. He does not seem to really care whether or not the EU will still exist tomorrow. And this is probably what worries the alliance so much.

Other experts in the matter are stating that the United States might be taking the wrong approach in disrupting relations with the EU. A weak alliance and a divided Europe might mean no partnerships for the U.S., especially on global security issues. The American economy might suffer a lot from this. However, someone would no doubt benefit from everything. That is, of course, Russia. Interestingly enough, during her visit to Washington, British Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly asked Donald Trump not to “weaken” the European Union. The United Kingdom should not care, especially after Brexit. Still, it seems they do. On Monday, European diplomats and senior national officials reportedly discussed the situation at a meeting in Brussels. Their conclusion was reported to not be so quick in cutting ties with such an important ally as the United States.

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