Hillary Clinton addresses the additional Emails found by the FBI

Hillary Clinton addresses the additional Emails found by the FBI

On Monday night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped in Cincinnati to hold a campaign rally. During the rally, she addressed the recent controversy surrounding her campaign. On Friday, FBI director James Comey said that agents have found more emails coming from Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, which have to do with her too. Comey has already said that Clinton has been reckless in handling classified information. This happened after an inquiry which the FBI has been undergoing during the summer. Even so, Comey did not advise prosecution for Clinton. Before, she was also accused of using a private server for her emails.

Clinton urges the FBI to “look at them”

Hillary Clinton is now challenging the FBI to look at her additional emails and see if they find anything. According to her, this is no case whatsoever. She also said that most likely, the FBI will reach the same conclusion as last year.

The state of Ohio is a battlefield right now. No Republican has ever won the election without winning Ohio. No Democrat has done it, since 1960 too. And now, there is a small difference between the two candidates. In the last few months, Clinton has been behind Trump in the Ohio polls, but now she is closing in. She is also leading nationally.

Ohio is up for grabs

The supporters in Cincinnati are now more convinced than ever to vote for Hillary Clinton. They said that there is no other choice. Another supporter said that Hillary represent the future for them. And that this email controversy should not matter at all. The Democratic nominee want to regain her status after the recent FBI announcement regarding the additional emails. Many Democrats, including her campaign, have said that Comey is stepping over borders here.

The early-voting strategy

Hillary and her campaign are also pushing for early voting. This is the same strategy Democrats used back in 2012 to establish a healthy lead before the day of the election. But not every supporter likes this strategy. Celeste Lizama of Norwood for example, said that she is not going to vote early.

The gun epidemic in the U.S.

At the rally, Clinton also addressed the gun epidemic in the United States. She said that Trump is not going to do anything regarding this problem. Former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords joined Hillary on stage to talk about this issue. Back in 2011, Giffords was almost killed by a lunatic carrying a gun. Now, she may never be able to speak or walk normally ever again.

On Thursday, her former rival Bernie Sanders will campaign for Clinton in Cincinnati too. On the other side, Donald Trump’s campaign will not visit the city. All in all, it seems like with just eight days before the election, the atmosphere is as tense as ever. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is surrounded by controversy just hours before Election Day. Donald Trump seems quiet for the moment, but the silence will most probably not last long. The race is coming to an end. Let’s hope it will be a happy one.

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