Investigation ongoing following destruction of Donald Trump’s Hollywood star

Investigation ongoing following destruction of Donald Trump’s Hollywood star

The Los Angeles Police have started an investigation regarding the destruction of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce takes care of the famed boulevard. They said that the star will be repaired as soon as possible. On Wednesday, the police were called at the site to investigate the attack. According to reports, Donald Trump’s star was hit with a sledgehammer and a pick ax. Later, the investigators found the weapon together with a construction hat and vest nearby.

What was his reason?

The police said in a tweet that they are waiting for information regarding the identity of the attacker. But the man soon identified himself and spoke in an interview with Deadline Hollywood. His name is Jamie Otis and he said that the initial plan was to completely remove Trump’s star and to auction it. With the money, he intended to help the eleven supposed victims of Trump’s sexual abuses. He thought that he could get $1 million for it.

Otis is an heir to his family’s elevator fortune. He said that many more women will come forward in the following days to tell their story and explain how Trump assaulted them. Moreover, Otis has also explained that he had cases of sexual assault in his family and that he knows how traumatizing it is. Also, he deemed Trump as being “the poster child for sexual violence” and said that it is a shame that the U.S. has such a presidential candidate.

No comments from Trump’s campaign

The police said that they heard the interview. Still, they are still not sure if he is indeed the one who did it. According to them, it could all be a fake story. They are waiting for further evidence and reports from witnesses.

Donald Trump has denied every accusation, by saying that there are all inventions and that nobody has more respect toward women than he has. His campaign did not make any comment about this incident either.

Donald Trump’s star

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star back in 2007. He got it as a recognition for his work on the popular NBC show The Apprentice. The star is located near the Dolby Theater, the place where each year, the Academy Awards are taking place.

Leron Gubler, President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said that they are going to prosecute according to the law. Gubler said that if a person does not agree with a certain star on the Walk of Fame, they should just express their anger in another way.

Jamie Otis, the alleged attacker, is no stranger to auctions. He previously auctioned things belonging to Mahatma Gandhi. At the time, he said that he donated all the money to some countries that, in his opinion, were fighting dictatorship non-violently.

All in all, this incident proves that there are many people the U.S. who hate Donald Trump with a passion. And those would do anything in their power to stop him from becoming president. Only time will tell if their most horrible nightmare will come to life, in November.

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