ISIS takes Responsibility for Germany stabbing

ISIS takes Responsibility for Germany stabbing

ISIS has many names. Daesh, The Islamic State or ISIL, they all mean the same thing: terror. And they caused it one more time, two weeks ago. On Sunday, they took responsibility for the attack on the couple, in Germany. But the police are not very sure that this is true, and they are still conducting an investigation.

What happened

On October 16, two teenagers were walking by the Aussenalster Lake in Hamburg. Things were quiet until a Middle Eastern looking man came to them, approaching from behind. He started stabbing the 16-year-old boy many times. After that, he pushed the 15-year-old girl in the water of the lake. She was the one who called the police after she managed to get out of the water. Sadly, the boy died later, at the hospital. The girl is now receiving psychiatric treatment.

Everyone was shocked by this horrible attack, because the lake is a common relaxation spot for young people and not only. The friends of the teenager boy who died decorated the spot with flowers, candles and balloons, in his memory.

The police are not sure that the claim is authentic

The police in Hamburg are working with German counter terror officials to catch the suspect, who fled the crime scene that night. They are also looking to validate a claim according to which, this attack was carried out by an Islamic State soldier.

ISIS posted the claim on their website, saying that it was one of their soldiers who did this. According to them, the suspect responded to a call to target civilians in the countries belonging to the coalition. But the police are not so convinced that this is a real claim, because every clue indicated that the attack was randomly done. A Hamburg police spokeswoman explained that their investigation at the crime scene and the clues they gathered do not match with the claim on the ISIS website. Also, the Islamic State message said that two people were stabbed near the Aussenalster Lake, which is false. Only the boy got stabbed.

The police are now searching for the attacker, who is supposedly a male from 25 to 30 years old. The authorities also met on Sunday to see and discuss if the claim is authentic or not and to continue the search for the attacker.

Many other attacks

In July, other two attacks happened in Germany. They were carried out by some asylum seekers, and were later claimed by ISIS too. In the first of them, five people were wounded on a train near Wuerzburg after someone started an ax rampage. Other 15 people were hurt when a bomb exploded outside a bar in Ansbach. The attackers were killed soon after.

A 16-year-old German-Moroccan girl went on trial this month for stabbing a police officer in Hannover. She was reportedly a puppet of the Islamic State too. Also this month, in Lepzig, a Syrian migrant who was planning to carry out a bomb attack was captured. Later, he killed himself in prison.

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