Vice-President Joe Biden jokes about a potential 2020 Run

Vice-President Joe Biden jokes about a potential 2020 Run

On Monday evening, vice-president Joe Biden returned to the Senate. He presided over a very important procedural vote which has to do with a medical research bill. This also includes $1.8 billion for his “cancer moonshot”. Last year, his son Beau unfortunately passed away because of a brain tumor. The bill ensures funding for biomedical research destined for cancer research.

The pain is still in there

Joe Biden talked with the reporters right after the event. The vice-president talked about the “cancer moonshot” program and said that people can make amazing progress if they work together. He also talked about his grief that is still present. He said that

“Sometimes, the second year is harder than the first, and I’ve been through this once before.”

He was talking about the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash back in 1972. Biden is a man who knows pain and loss and who has suffered a lot and came back stronger. This led him to talk about his life on the political stage and how it helped him cope. The Senate decided to name the bill after Joe Biden’s late son, Beau.

A 2020 run?

An interesting moment was when a CNN reporter asked him about a potential 2020 presidential run. He jokingly answered that he will do it and allowed the reporters to spread the news. Still, a little bit later he talked about this matter again and told the reporters that he is not committing not to run. In fact, that he is not committing to anything right now. Joe Biden was described as having a “slight smile on his face”. He also said that

“I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening. Anyway, nice to see you guys.”

Is it actually possible?

It is possible, but very unlikely. Joe Biden is now 74. In four-years-time he will be 78. While Arizona Senator John McCain was re-elected this year at 80 years-old, we must agree that there is a big difference between running for Senate and running for President of the U.S.

Actually, Joe Biden was initially supposed to run for president this campaign, but he gave up on the idea after the death of his son, last year. In October 2015, he spoke from the Rose Garden together with wife Jill and president Barack Obama. That was the moment when he announced that he gave up on the idea of running for president and that he still needed to cope with his pain. This year, he ended up being one of the avid supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He is also known to not like Donald Trump very much. During a campaign rally he even said that if he were still in high school he would take Trump “behind the gym”.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden will return to the Senate. He will take part on a grand tribute to his career of 44 years in the Senate. On Thursday, he will also participate in a send-off for minority leader Harry M. Reid.

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