Joe Biden Thinks He Could Have Won Presidency Against Trump

Joe Biden Thinks He Could Have Won Presidency Against Trump

On Friday, during a visit at the Colgate University, former Vice President Joe Biden told the audience that he regrets not taking part in the 2016 presidential election. According to him, he could have beaten Donald Trump and become president of the United States. However, something stopped him from participating, even if he had a lot of data. 

Biden could not do it

According to former Vice President Joe Biden, something stopped him from doing it. After getting emotional, he went on and explained how his son Beau, his illness and then sudden passing affected him enormously. It happened right during the run-up to the Democratic primaries. So, Biden decided that he could not do it anymore, even if he had planned it for years. He stated that he lost “part of his soul” and just could not do it. At one point, he revealed that even the press thought that he was just fooling around and playing games with them. It was something much deeper. Biden said that everyone including his family wanted him to enter the race. However, the decision was his own and he decided to not go forward.

However, Joe Biden had an interesting comment about whether or not he regrets not being president. On one side, he said that he indeed regrets it. On the other side, taking into account the context of his participation in the election and what happened to his son, he does not have any regret. Maybe it was meant to be this way.

President Biden?

Still, what kind of president would have Joe Biden been? Well, he is a rather likable guy, who knows how to make a joke and gets along well with lots of people. He seems contempt with his decision to not participate in the election, but he is still wondering how it would have been. Polling shows that Joe Biden would have been a better candidate. Biden himself said some things which, at the time, many considered a little racist. He also sparked some controversy when he was seen touching Stephanie Carter. This happened as her husband, Ash Carter, was sworn in as Defense Secretary. However, this is old news and people have forgotten. Still, could Biden have beaten both Trump and Clinton? Probably yes.

Now, some people are wondering if Biden is going to take part in the 2020 presidential election. Experts are saying that it is highly unlikely. If he could not do it last year, he will probably not be able to do it in 2020 either. Not much is known about the Democrats’ list of potential candidates. And it is uncertain for now if Hillary Clinton will try her luck one more time. Time will tell. There have always been surprises. So, who knows what the future will hold?

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