Kellyanne Conway Got A Time Out, Then Comes Out Swinging

Kellyanne Conway Got A Time Out, Then Comes Out Swinging

Nobody has seen president Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway on TV in a while. Well, according to a report, she was pulled off the air by the White House, temporarily. More than a week has passed since her last TV appearance. Which, in Conway terms, is a lot. It seems like the White House took this decision after she said some rather bizarre things like the “alternative facts” phrase and the invented “Bowling Green massacre”. Apart from those two awkward situations, she also promoted Ivanka Trump’s brand on Fox News.

The Conway problem

Moreover, Kellyanne Conway said last Monday that the president completely trusted then-national security adviser Michael Flynn. A few minutes later, press secretary Sean Spicer contradicted her and said that president Trump was actually evaluating the situation. Flynn has not been completely honest about a discussion with the Russian ambassador to the United States. That same night, Flynn resigned from his post. So, it seems like she does not really know what is going on inside the White House and has this habit of speaking sometimes too much.

Because of these issues, many producers of political shows refused to invite Conway citing the fact that almost everything she says ends up being incorrect or twisted. As for why did the White House decide to stop her from appearing on TV, it seems like their problem has nothing to do with the fact that she often talks without knowing everything. According to a report, the White House believes that what she is saying does not always fall in place with the message the administration wants to transmit. The president along with some advisers reportedly took this decision.

Conway explains it all

However, on Wednesday, Kellyanne Conway finally appeared after a week off air. During this recent interview, she said that she does not owe any explanation as to why she stopped appearing on TV. She cited the fact that she needs to take care of her four children. Also, that she is currently looking at houses and schools. Moreover, she denied the report which claimed that she was sidelined from appearing on TV by the president. Conway said that this is another try by someone who wants to spark controversy and ruin her relationship with president Trump.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity also defended Conway and deemed that previous report as being “fake news”, a rather strong claim. Conway continued and stated that people should not believe that all she does is appear on TV and talk. Her role is reportedly much bigger by the president’s side. She also needs to deal with a lot of important things. 

Apart from this subject, Conway talked about how the media is trying to create a negative image around the current administration. According to her, they do not let the people do their job and do not wait for the results. The media only criticizes without having proof or without even knowing the truth. Well, the same thing can be said about Ms. Kellyanne Conway. As much as she would like to make the past incidents forgotten, they still happened. She still talked about some things she should not have talked about.

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