Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, Trump’s Pick for Top Justice Post

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, Trump’s Pick for Top Justice Post

On Saturday, United States president Donald Trump reportedly picked Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George T. Conway III, to be the man in charge with defending all of Trump’s controversial lawsuits, including his highly criticized travel ban. This department has about 1,000 lawyers, having a rather extended influence over the government, including issues like national security and consumer protection. The department also enforces federal programs and makes sure that the actions of the president are completed.

The Conway influence

The Justice Department did not comment on the matter nor did the White House. However, the decision was confirmed by some people who are familiar with the president’s decision. Mr. Conway, if confirmed, will have the difficult task of representing Donald Trump in legal challenges, mainly regarding his very controversial travel ban. This executive order bars the entrance into the United States for people from six mainly Muslim countries.

However, this new order, which is a revised version of the first one (that was banning people from seven countries), was blocked by two judges. One was from Hawaii and one from Maryland. Their argument was that this order is just an excuse for a Muslim ban and it promoted discrimination. Trump actually promised this sort of action during his presidential campaign. So, the judges are seeing it as a way in which the president is keeping his promise.

A family affair

It is interesting that if Mr. Conway is going to be confirmed in this post, both him and his wife, Kellyanne, who is Trump’s senior advisor, who have to defend the president from attacks. Kellyanne Conway has been a constant presence on televisions where she defended all of the president’s decisions and statements. Some people even accused her of promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand on live TV, and she stood in the shadows for the following two weeks.

She sparked controversy a lot of times, especially when she came up with something she called “alternative facts”. At first, she talked about an imaginary number of people who were present at Trump’s inauguration. After that, Conway made reference to the so-called “Bowling Green massacre”. Except that this supposed terrorist attack never happened. Most recently, just last week, she alluded that former president Barack Obama might have indeed spied on Donald Trump, but not only by wiretapping his office. At one point, she even suggested that the microwave might be dangerous.

Currently, George T. Conway III is a partner at New York City firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He also graduated from Harvard University and the Yale Law School. Even if people might think that having a family so close to the president and in rather similar positions would mean nepotism, Mr. and Ms. Conway would have no connection with one another inside the administration. They would both work in their respective fields, without having to interact or report to each other. Still, Mr. Conway will need to pass confirmation first, and only after that he will be able to begin his work.

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