What We Know about Donald Trump’s Health Bill

What We Know about Donald Trump’s Health Bill

According to what the Congressional Budget Office said on Monday, the Republicans’ health plan which will replace the Affordable Care Act would grow the number of people who do not have health insurance. Their number would increase by 24 million by 2026, cutting off $337 billion off the federal budget deficits. However, The American Health Care Act has been facing harsh criticism. Conservatives and the Democratic party, among others, could not see how this bill would make America’s health system better. Capitol Hill did not back it up either and many Republicans started worrying. Immediately after that, Tom Price, the Donald Trump administration secretary of health and human services, said that the report detailing the bill did not present everything. According to him, the report failed to display some regulatory steps and other legislation which the Republicans were planning. This is also the same “non-partisan group” that said Obamacare was wonderful. 

The fate of the bill

As expected, the Democrats continued to oppose the health bill. They stated that president Donald Trump offers empty promises. Not everyone will be covered by this new health plan and costs will not go down at all. Now that we also have the official coverage numbers, Republicans are going to have a very difficult task ahead of them. They will need to convince everybody why the bill is good and how will it make the United States health care system better. Even some Republicans are saying that the numbers the report presented are a concern. This opposition should make the White House take things more easily and analyze the situation.

According to the budget office, the people buying insurance are going to get average premiums of 15 to 20 per cent higher, over the next two years. However, after that, by 2026, the premiums would be much lower than they would be under the current law; 10 per cent lower. Apart from that, the number of uninsured people would grow by 14 million next year. The report also estimated the number of 52 million uninsureds by 2026, in comparison with the 28 million projected under the current law. Keep in mind they this same group said that the ACA would be great for America and would keep premiums down. 

Focusing on the good things

Speaker Paul D. Ryan chose to focus his attention on the bill’s good parts. He compared it with Obamacare and stated that everybody saw how government coverage does not necessarily mean that everybody has access to care. However, also on Monday, Democrats continued to criticize the health plan. They even refused to call it a “health bill”. Instead, they characterized it as an “ideological document” which will most likely have bad consequences for the people and families of America.

The problem was Republicans tried to sell health care reform as “better than Obama” what they should have done was say we are getting rid of this abomination and get government out of your life. Instead, now they have to deal with the claims they made that more people will be covered, which is not what America wants. Everday Americans do not want the government supplying their healthcare they just want to be able to afford it.

Nevertheless, Republican legislators, last week took out some big parts of Obama’s health care law. For example, the income-based tax credits will be gone. The new health bill would provide people new age-based tax credit instead. Also on Monday, president Donald Trump, at the beginning of a White House meeting, said that the new health bill would make it possible for people to have more choices at a smaller cost. He said that it is important for Americans to be able to pick the specific plan they find suitable for them. And that this is a very beautiful thing.

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