Kurdish Group takes Blame for Istanbul Bombings

Kurdish Group takes Blame for Istanbul Bombings

A Kurdish militant group, called the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, said that they were at fault for the two bombings which occurred on Saturday. Unfortunately, the explosions killed around 40 people and injured other 154 near the Vodafone Arena stadium in Istanbul, in the Beskitas neighborhood.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons

According to the announcement of the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, two of their men were responsible for the suicide attacks. The reason for this was the ongoing violence in Turkey’s southeastern region. Another cause of the attack was the fact that Abdullah Ocalan, PKK’s leader, is still in prison. The Kurdish Freedom Falcons are supposedly a branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) which is carrying out numerous attacks. The group also claimed responsibility for the June car bombing. Around 11 people sadly lost their lives in that attack. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also said that the PKK were at fault for the gruesome attacks.

Moreover, these latest attacks might worsen the relation between Kurdish separatists and Turkey. The conflict between them was already bloody enough, now it might become even worse. The nation is already not very stable and crises are heavily affecting the people.

Suicide attacks

According to authorities, one of the attacks was possible because of many explosives from a car parked nearby. The other one was the job of a suicide bomber and it happened less than a minute after the first one. He wanted to attack the police forces after the soccer game would have ended. Sadly, they managed to kill around 30 police officers. The other victims were all civilians (9 of them, more precisely) who attended the game or were around the stadium at that time.

The authorities declared Sunday national mourning day for the victims of the gruesome attacks. Turkish President Recep Erdogan along with many other officials attended the funerals help at the Police Headquarters in Istanbul. After that, the president said that those people who orchestrated the attacks would not get away with it and that they are going to pay a heavy price for the lives they have taken. U.S.’s Defense Secretary Ashton Carter also expressed his condolences for the victims of the attacks. He also said that times like this prove to us why nations should stick to each other and help each other. According to him, the U.S. forces are going to help Turkey and its allies combat terrorism and will work with the country within NATO.

A broken pact

The situation in Turkey has begun being unstable since 2015 when a peace treaty between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the government of Turkey became null. This has brought terrorism back into the nation and completely devastated many Kurdish areas.

People could hear the Saturday explosions from the entire capital of Istanbul. The attackers detonated the bombs near the Taksim Square and the Bosporus strait. One of the attackers appeared in a security video which the media released. Some police officers stopped him on a road right before he detonated the bomb, killing so many innocent people.

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