Gaga Walked the Line and Won!

Gaga Walked the Line and Won!

Many agreed that the way Lady Gaga started her half-time Super Bowl show was absolutely mind-blowing. She was standing there, on the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium, singing “God Bless America” and “This Land is your Land”. Around and behind her were thousands of flying and illuminating drones. Everybody gasped when, after she stopped singing, went close to the edge and simply jumped above the field. The people expressed their concern on the Internet, some believing that Lady Gaga had actually jumped from the roof of the stadium. Other realized quickly that it was all an amazingly orchestrated show and that their Mother Monster is completely fine.

The Internet went crazy


The key to that moment was the fact that Lady Gaga did jump from the roof, just not that night. That part of the show was taped a few days in advance. According to some reports, the people who provided the drones wanted to make sure that bad weather or any kind of problem would not interrupt the moment at the Super Bowl. So, they decided to tape it, safe and secure. Moreover, it would have been extremely difficult for Gaga to jump from the roof and immediately go down on the stage below. The physical integrity of the artist was also at stake.

The moment was so well done that even the people who were there on the field could not figure out where Gaga came from. Also, if the moment was taped or live. Many of them said that she seemed to have jumped from the roof because it was opened slightly. So, a big part of the audience was as surprised as the people at home. Last week, during a radio interview in Boston, Lady Gaga alluded to her performance and said that her sister actually suggested the stunt from the roof.

A performance with a meaning

Lady Gaga’s amazing show did not lack meaning, be it hidden or not. In the beginning, when she sang “This Land is your Land”, people immediately recognized the song. It became extremely popular during the anti-Trump protests from all over the country. Moreover, people sang it at the Women’s March too and at the John F. Kennedy Airport after they found out about the travel ban.

It is interesting that Gaga chose to not say anything specific on stage or to talk about the recent issues. She was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, so would have had the motive to do so. Before the show, the singer said that her songs are statements and that she will sing them from the heart, for everyone to hear. Her hit song “Born this Way” talks about inclusiveness and about the fact that everyone is equal. Her good friend Hillary Clinton could not keep silent and tweeted a message of appreciation to the artist who supported her so much.

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