Middle School Girl was Killed by Constable


Ciara was only 12 years old

Middle school girl was killed by constable during an apartment eviction in Penn Township, Pa.

The girl has been shot by mistake as she was standing behind her father, Donald B. Meyer, when the man was shot in his arm by contestable Clarke Steele. The bullet passed through Meyer’s arm and hit his daughter, Ciara Meyer. The girl has been pronounced dead right away at the scene.

The tragedy took place at Pfautz Apartments in Penn Township as State Contestable Steele went to the Meyers with an eviction order. According to the police Mr. Meyer has opened the door but when he saw who it was he shut it back. Short after he reopened the door to exchange some words with the constable making it clear he won’t leave the apartment. The man got angry and pulled off a .223 caliber rifle which he probably concealed along his body when he shut the door the first time.

Having the rifle pointed at him, Constable Steele pulled his duty handgun and immediately fired one shot towards Meyer’s arm in an attempt to disarm the man. Unfortunately the bullet passed through Meyer’s arm and hit his daughter, killing her instantly.

After the incident Donald Meyer was taken to Hershey Medical Center. The man has been charged with reckless endangerment, simple assault, aggravated assault and terroristic threats. He has been put on trial by video on Tuesday before Judge Daniel McGuire.

Meyer will be released from the hospital on Wednesday evening and according to the court’s papers he will be held without bail in Perry County Prison. On January 15 is scheduled a preliminary hearing.

According to ABC 27 the girl went to Susquenita Middle School and on Monday she was at home because she was sick. Neighbors whose daughters played together with Ciara are absolutely shocked by the tragedy, describing it as “heartbreaking”.

Administrators of Susquenita said in a statement that a team of guidance counselors and psychologists will be working with counselors from Teen Line Holy Spirit to provide support for the school’s students and staff who are all in shock after the news spread.

According to a Commonwealth Constables Association’s spokesman, Steel is a well-respected constable in Perry and Dauphin counties. However he decided to take a leave until the investigation is over.

Friends of the family have opened a GoFundMe account to raise money for Ciara’s funeral. Funds exceeding the costs of the funeral will be used for a mental illness and domestic violence scholarship which Susquenita School District aims to create.

Image source: GoFundMe