New Delhi swallowed by the worst Smog in Decades

New Delhi swallowed by the worst Smog in Decades

The Indian capital of New Delhi, which is home for about 25 million people, has been engulfed by the worst smog in decades. People could smell and taste the toxic filth. The quality of the air is now at its lowest point in years. It’s been days now since the metropolis has been swallowed by the dense smog which reduced visibility and made it difficult for drivers to go around the huge city. The traffic signals are now almost invisible and everyone is at risk. According to some people who experienced the smog, it tastes like dirt, it smells like something burned and makes eyes watery.

What is going on with the smog?

This dangerous accumulation of toxic elements has returned in New Delhi. It is no news that the city’s air quality is one of the poorest in the world, but now, this recent phenomenon is at a record level. New Delhi is one of the most polluted urban environments in the world. One of the reason for this might be the city’s place on the map. Here, the pollutants have nowhere to go from above the city because it is not a coastal city like Mumbai for example. There, the dirty air flies towards the Arabian Sea and leaves the city cleaner.

The Centre for Science and Environment is saying that the present air quality is the worst in almost twenty years. The dangerous toxic elements have now reached 16 times the safe level.

Authorities took measures

The New Delhi authorities announced emergency state and schools were closed. Also, they stopped any construction works, in order to stop the dust from spreading. One of the biggest coal-based power plants located near New Delhi has been closed until the middle of November. This is considered to be one of the main sources of pollution.

The pollution is affecting many people from many different areas, as well as sports competitions. Reportedly, a cricket contest has been postponed because the players felt ill and had severe headaches. The reduced visibility has caused many people to get injured in car crashed on highways. Also, many residents of the city are going to hospital showing signs of respiratory problems.

And reports are not encouraging. According to them, the exposure to such a strong pollution level is life-threatening.

Other cities are following Delhi’s example

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh authorities have closed down schools until Tuesday. This is because the toxic air is travelling and will soon affect other cities too. Reportedly, many other people from other cities have said that their throats feel sore and their eyes have begun to sting. So the pollution is slowly affecting everyone.

All in all, it seems like New Delhi along with other cities in India are battling pollution at an unpreceded level. This is very bad news for the planet, as we all know how things have changed and how people need to do everything to stop pollution. Or to reduce it, because it might be too late to stop it completely.

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