New Leaked Interface for Google Play Podcasts

The new leaked interface for Google Play Podcasts points towards a new release from the company.

In the never ending race of updates and upgrades from major corporations, there is a new leaked interface for Google Play Podcasts. Although it was a rumor until now, the new feature will be added to the long list of other media platforms from Google that you can find on its Play Store.

The feature will be part of the Play Music application. Bill Simons was to one to tweet about the next update on the popular social media platform, but he took down his post soon after. However, some lucky people had the chance to see what this is all about. Furthermore, a couple of users actually confirmed that they are already seeing the upcoming interface.

The podcasts interface looks very similar to the rest of the application it is part of: Play Music. This will probably make it integrate more easily. The UI has two main colors: orange and white.

Users will be able to access the new feature by the sidebar menu found on the left side of the screen. Podcasts will be located right above the “Browse Stations” button, and beneath the other options. Once you have reached the new interface, it will automatically be set to a home screen of featured podcasts. However, you do have the option to search for other ones or even create your own.

Users will also have the option of subscribing to various channels in order to keep track of the new episodes from their favorite podcasts, but also make lists of all content they want. Furthermore, you can be sure you will not miss any shows with the smooth option of downloading the last 5 episodes of any podcast you wish. You will also receive notifications when new content is posted from your subscribed channels.

In the end, it seems the new podcast app from Google will achieve its aimed purpose and popularity, especially because users will not have to download third-party apps in order to listen to podcasts. There is no official date of release, but it is safe to assume that the company is in the last stages of testing it, since some users can already see the new interface.

With the new leaked interface for Google Play Podcasts, Google is one step closer to offering literally every kind of media there is: movies, music, books, games and now podcasts.

Image Source: Android Tipsz