Nicole Kidman Criticized for Encouraging Support for Trump

Nicole Kidman Criticized for Encouraging Support for Trump

Since Donald Trump became the new president of the United States and even before that, during the campaign, many celebrities have criticized him. Not only him as a person, but his ideas and views over a lot of important matters in the United States as homophobia, racism and his not very nice behavior towards women. However, recently, Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman received a lot of criticism over one of her statements which she said during a promotion interview for her latest movie, “Lion”.

Encouraging people to support Trump

Kidman, who has both American and Australian citizenship, encouraged the people of America to support the Trump administration because there is nothing left to do now. The 49-year old actress said that the leader of a nation is the most important figure and that he should be respected. This, in her opinion, makes up the healthy foundation of a country. The fact that she expressed her opinion is interesting because she numerous times said that she does not like to get involved in politics.  

Kidman also said during her interview that she will keep on supporting humanitarian campaigns. This is regardless of who is the president of the United states. It is very surprising that she chose to say such things. Especially considering the fact that the majority of Hollywood celebrities do not have a very good opinion of Donald Trump. This is maybe the reason why she has attracted so much hate from many people over her statement.

Criticism for Nicole Kidman

One of the people who harshly criticized Nicole Kidman for her views was author Vivian Kane. She said that it is not right to “blindly” support a leader just because he happened to reach a position of power. Even if Kane recognized that it is Kidman’s right to express herself, the fact that she did, does not make it the right opinion. Kidman’s opinion is actually very different of that of her co-star in the movie “Hours”, Meryl Streep. She attracted a wave of support and sympathy over her Golden Globes speech. She talked about the way Donald Trump might have a bad influence on the people. Streep also slammed Trump’s anti-immigration ideas and his disrespect towards journalists and women.

Nicole Kidman is a very respected actress in the industry, an Academy Award winner and a good person overall. However, many have said that she seems to have chosen to close her eyes. She has become blind to what is going on around her. In the same interview, she talked about women’s rights and how she will keep on fighting for them. Also, she will keep on travelling all over the world to deliver this message. Still, Nicole does not seem to have noticed that Trump is threatening these very principles that she wants to protect. He proved this so many times that another explanation would be redundant.

All in all, it seems like Donald Trump’s election is still causing controversies even in the world of celebrities. Like the normal people, they too have opposing opinions. However, throwing hate at a person just because their opinion is different does not make us good people or fighters. It makes us just like the people we hate.

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