Russian Troops Heading to North Korea as Situation Escalates

Russian Troops Heading to North Korea as Situation Escalates

According to several reports, Russia has ordered troops and military equipment to be moved to its border with North Korea as the situation in the region continues to escalate.

Russians Moving Troops

Russian video footage shows three trains loaded with weapons and troops are moving towards the 11-mile border. The video below shows just one of the trains. The information, though, hasn’t been verified.

A second video shows combat vehicles and multiple army helicopters heading to the North Korean border. The vehicles are crossing rugged terrain in an undisclosed location.

Primemedia.RU claims that locals have seen multiple trains packed with military equipment in the Khabarovsk region. The trains are reportedly heading to Primorsky where many people noticed movement of military equipment carried by several means of transportation. The equipment is being ferried to southern regions, a military official confirmed.

The news comes less than a day after the U.S. and Russia had a major disagreement over North Korea’s latest missile test at the UN. On Thursday, the organization’s Security Council condemned Pyongyang’s recent failed missile test, but Russian representatives did not agree with the wording.

Russia said it would veto the motion over the words used even though 14 other countries including China supported it. The motion said that the U.N. opposed a missile launch to honor leader Kim Jong Un’s grandfather’s 105th birthday on Sunday. Russia said Thursday that the U.N should give the reclusive state the possibility for diplomatic negotiations.

The U.S. Secretary of State said recently that the U.S. is reviewing North Korea’s situation to see whether it is involved in state sponsorship of terrorism and if there is any way to bring the country’s leader to the negotiation table with the West.

South Korea said it remains vigilant after its neighbors failed missile test launch last week.

Situation Continues to Escalate

In the meantime, North Korea’s leader threatened to deploy a “super-mighty” nuclear strike that would turn South Korea and its ally, the U.S.A., “to ashes”.

According to Reuters, the ruling party’s official newspaper wrote that the said pre-emptive strike is designed to eliminate “U.S. imperialists’ invasion forces in South Korea” and reduce the continental U.S. to ashes.

The newspaper added that South Korea and its allies “should not mess with us.”

North Korea’s state media also posted a propaganda video showing how a nuclear missile would wipe out a U.S. city. The American flag and a cemetery appeared on the screen in the wake of the simulated attack.

Tensions are rising in the U.S. too. Last week, Trump vowed to send a very powerful “armada” to North Korea to intimidate it. Trump bragged the U.S. had the best-trained troops “on Earth” and warned Kim that he was “doing the wrong thing.”

Pyongyang, however, was not impressed. They vowed to continue with their nuclear program as it represents a “deterrent” to possible attacks. The North Koreans followed by saying Trump’s White House is “more vicious and more aggressive” than Obama’s.
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