Paris Jackson Offended by Joseph Fiennes’ Portrayal of Her Father

Paris Jackson Offended by Joseph Fiennes’ Portrayal of Her Father

The first photos of actor Joseph Fiennes playing the legendary artist Michael Jackson were released on Wednesday for the public along with a trailer. He will play this part in the television movie called “Urban Myths”. However, it seems like some members of the Jackson family are not happy at all with how things turned out. The angriest of them being Michael’s daughter, 18-year old Paris Jackson.

An offensive portrayal of a legend

The controversial trailer lasts for 50 seconds and it shows Fiennes, a white actor, portraying a legendary artist who everyone knows was black. The actor can be seen wearing a fake nose and tons of white make-up. He also sports Michael’s signature hat. The movie portrays the hit maker in the last decade of his life. The only problem is that the Jackson family is not happy about the choice of casting or the way they chose to portray Michael. His daughter, Paris, took to Twitter to express her anger. She stated that the way the movie portrays her late father is very offensive and that it “makes me want to vomit”.

According to Paris, the movie-makers were trying to be intentionally disrespectful to the memory of the great artist. Also, she stated that it is all a shame. Both her father and Elizabeth Taylor worked so hard to leave a legacy and now people cannot have minimum respect for that. The great actress Elizabeth Taylor also appears in the trailer, portrayed by Emmy and Tony-winning actress Stockard Channing. Apart from her, the movie is full of extremely famous figures like Marlon Brando (Brian Cox) or even Adolf Hitler (Iwan Rheon) and Bob Dylan (Eddie Marsan).

Michael’s nephew also reacts

Paris was not the only Jackson relative who felt insulted by the portrayal of Michael Jackson. His nephew, Taj Jackson, also posed a Twitter message in which he stated that he felt “disgusted”. Moreover, he said that his entire family must go through things like these and that it is not easy.

The producers announced the casting of “Urban Myths” at the beginning of 2016. Back then, there was a huge number of fans who wanted to boycott the movie because of the casting choice. They created a petition in which they said that a white actor whose most famous movie role was in “Shakespeare in love” cannot possibly portray the King of Pop. The actor himself, Joseph Fiennes, declared that he can understand where the anger of the fans comes from. He admitted that he did not know what was about to happen. Also, that at first, he felt a slight discomfort in playing Michael Jackson.

The movie is a collection of short stories which follow certain moments of those famous people’s lives. The Michael Jackson scene follows his supposed car trip with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando after the New York City, September 11 attacks. They supposedly ran from the city and drove to Ohio together. However, it seems like people debunked this theory long ago and fans cannot understand why there is still a movie coming out based on it.

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