Prison Riot in Brazil kills at least 56 Prisoners

Prison Riot in Brazil kills at least 56 Prisoners

A revolt which started on Sunday at the Anisio Jobim Prison Complex in Manaus, Brazil, killed at least 56 inmates. According to reports, the violent attacks started between two rival criminal organizations. It soon led to an over 17-hour long uprising which caused severe unrest.

Conflict between criminal gangs

On Sunday, members of the Familia do Norte and Primeiro Comando da Capital criminal groups which were incarcerated begun fighting each other. According to sources familiar with these groups, the first one has control over drug trafficking and the inside of the prison. The riot started because of the issues regarding drug trafficking inside the prison. They even took hostages 74 other prisoners and some prison guards. According to a news agency, they were throwing bodies of the deceased over the walls of the prison and even decapitated at least six other people. The problem is that the authorities in Brazil still do not know how many inmates escaped the prison during the long uprising. Reportedly, they caught only about 40 of those who escaped but many are still free.

The security forces chose to not go inside the Anisio Jobim Prison Complex. The reason for that was the fear of the unknown. They did not know what was waiting for them behind the prison walls. Finally, authorities negotiated the entire conflict and ended it peacefully. However, a huge number of prisoners still lost their lives. The authorities will most probably hold accountable the people who instigated the entire riot and punish them according to the law. Especially for the killing of so many other inmates.

Not the only problematic prison in Brazil

However, this particular prison in Manaus was not the only problematic one. In the same city, 87 other prisoners conceived a plan and escaped the Antonio Trindade Penal Institute. One of them even posted a picture of himself leaving, on Facebook. Authorities are opinionating that this other jailbreak might have been intended as a distraction from the big riot. At another penitentiary, some prisoners also behaved violently and caused some trouble. Authorities in Brazil are calling this latest uprising the worst one which happened in a prison since 1992. Back then, the police forces killed 111 prisoners during a riot at the Carandiru prison.

A private company owns the prison in which this massacred happened. It was initially built to hold 592 prisoners but, in the thirst for money, the company was keeping 1 224 inmates inside. According to officials, the firm receives money for the number of prisoners. As for how they managed to sneak weapons inside the prison, police officers reportedly found a hole in one of the prison’s walls. In it, they found many firearms.

Some are saying that these recent problems in prisons are due to Brazil ‘s poor management of prisons. Also, because of the poverty in the country. According to a report, each year, 500 are losing their lives inside the Brazilian prisons. The entire uprising ended after the gangs released the last 12 prison staff members which they were holding hostages.

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