Putin ’s Party, United Russia, wins Majority

Putin ’s Party, United Russia, wins Majority

Vladimir Putin’s political party, United Russia, has won the majority of votes in Russia’s parliamentary elections. According to a Tass report, the party won 54.28 per cent of the vote. Until now, they have counted 93 per cent of the votes. A critic from Kremlin appeared on Russia’s national television to announce the victory.

The Central Election Commission preliminary results show that United Russia is going to win 343 seats out of the total number of 450. This is a lot.

The Communist Party came second and it will probably win 42 seats with 13.45 per cent of the votes. Third place went to the Liberal Democratic Party with 39 seats and lastly, Fair Russia Party with 23 seats.

The result for the State Duma vote was just 47 per cent. Considering that five years ago it was 60 per cent, this is not a good result.

How does voting in Russia work

In the Russian elections, over 111 million people have the right to vote. There are 450 seats in the State Duma up for grabs. Those chosen are elected from a candidate list presented by the participating parties.

The other 225 members (who are representing independent constituencies or various areas part of the Russian Federation) are elected using the first-past-the-post system.

Nothing unexpected

Ella Pamfilova, head of the CEC, said that there is no surprise in the result of the elections. They were expecting some minor changes, but nothing major. It seems that they were right.

“I hope these results properly reflect reality and if someone has any doubts they can come to us, they are welcome. I am sure that most members of the Commission didn’t expect such a result, it came as a surprise to us in many ways.” she said.

Throughout the night, all the votes across the country were counted and this was the result.

Putin is the key

It is interesting that, during the 2011 elections, United Russia won only 49 per cent of the vote and 238 seats. This represents a huge improvement. Some believe that this is purely because of the party’s association with the president, Vladimir Putin. A plus of 105 means that the party has come on top of all the other opponents, causing heavy losses. The Communist Party has lost 50 seats, The Liberal Democratic Party 17 and A Just Russia 41.

Let’s remember that, over the past 17 years, Vladimir Putin has either been Prime Minister or President of Russia. So he has always had power in some way. This is just another confirmation of his growing popularity all over his country. He seems popular enough to attract many voters.

Voices say that Putin’s next big target is the 2018 presidential election.

The result cannot really be considered a political drama, as everybody expected them to be this way. But this is a strong signal that should warn everyone about Putin’s growing power. Not only in Russia, but all over. The first step to becoming more powerful is to be backed up by your own country and people. They must trust and respect you. Only then you will be a great leader.

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