Real Life Facebook Soap

Kate Madonna Hindes

Kate Madonna Hindes decided she wanted to make contact with her natural mother.

Kate Madonna Hindes decided she wanted to make contact with her natural mother. Her wish turned into a real life Facebook soap.  Hindes found out she had anal precancer, after precedent battles with cervical cancer.  The woman lives in St. Paul , Minnesota.

Doctors warned her of the fact that she tested positive for the BRCA2 gene, which means she’s at high risk from breast cancer.

She wanted to find out the answer to these pressing medical questions, so Hindes decided to take a closer look. She wanted to live a long life for the sake of her two children.

It took three years for the papers to be ready, because of the internal bureaucracy at a Children’s Home in Illinois.

But on the 15th of June Kate received a call from the Children’s Home, saying they found her file. It contained a picture and a letter from her birth mother.

Kate Hindes works in social media and PR so it was easy for her to open the letter, and use her mother’s photo to create a Facebook graphic, to help search for her parent.

And as a result, she found her mother in a cancer survivor group. Aimee Sordelli, Kate’s mother, recalled the photo and told her daughter she was the woman Kate was looking for.

This was a great relief for both women. Aimee Sordelli also came from an adoptive family. She decided to put Hindes up for adoption because she was only 16 or 17 years old when she had her and had been brought up by a very religious family. She wanted her daughter to have a happy, good life. And she also wanted to give her daughter the option of finding her birth mother.

Sordelli had cancer too, twice. Aimee met her daughter’s family and the kids showed signs of liking her.

Aimee had searched for her own birth mother, but she did not want to meet her daughter. However, this story generated overwhelming support and care from a lot of people.

In the end, it was a happy reunion for the two women. Kate Madonna Hindes was thankful to find the lost relative through Facebook, and praised the social media network for helping her find the inspiration and energy she needed from friends, family and communities. This looked a lot like a real life Facebook soap.

Image Source – Flickr