Can “ Rogue One “ be one of the Biggest “Star Wars“ Movies?

Can “ Rogue One “ be one of the Biggest “Star Wars“ Movies?

When George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels hit theaters more than a decade ago, they were not well received nor acclaimed by critics. Fans said that they were lacking that special flavor which made this intergalactic story so loved by many. All right, they shed some light on the backstory of the main masked villain Darth Vader and gave reason to his actions. Still, they lacked soul. Last winter, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” delivered what so many fans had been expecting for years. It became the highest grossing movie in history and introduced diversity in its characters. It also paid an homage to the original trilogy and brought back some amazing memories.

Now, it seems like we will have a Star Wars movie every year, in the form of spinoffs which will be hitting theaters every year. They will tell stories previously unknown and will introduce important characters who people had no idea played such big roles in the Star Wars story. The first of them is ” Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “.

Rogue One

Rogue One will tell the story of how the Rebel Alliance managed to steal the plans of the Empire’s deadly weapon Death Star. The weapon was later destroyed, during the events of the original trilogy. However, this spinoff movie will be very different from any other Star Wars movie. Firstly, the director is not The Force Awakens’ J. J. Abrams, but Gareth Edwards. Secondly, the score is not composed by the legendary John Williams, but by Michael Giacchino. And thirdly and maybe most importantly, it will not tell the story of a Jedi knight, the Force will not play a big role and lightsabers will most probably not appear. Still, it may have the potential to be the biggest Star Wars movie to date. Why? For a number of reasons.

The return of Darth Vader

This movie will see the long-awaited return of Darth Vader on the big screen. “The Force Awakens” did feature his menacing shadow in the form of his conflicted grandson Ben Solo. He uses the alias of Kylo Ren and even wears a mask, just like his old man. But fans still missed the heavy breathing and the force choking (even if Ren actually possesses some even cooler abilities). Now, it seems like he will make an appearance. Even if we still do not know how big his role will be, it is nice to just catch a glimpse of the adored masked villain who fascinated generations.

A different angle

While many fans will probably want to see lightsabers and force users, there is no doubt that a different perspective will do good to the Star Wars franchise. Fans will get to experience the field as fought with blasters and normal weapons. Also, the struggle that comes with it. It will probably offer a sense of humanity and convince people that there are also field fighters in the Star Wars universe. There are soldiers and people who struggle to survive just like in real life, not only powerful force users who jump and cut limbs while doing a cartwheel mid-air.

These are just a few of the reasons why ” Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ” might become one of the best Star Wars movies ever created. Judging from the trailers, they are on the right path. And honestly, it would be a shame to not profit from the chance that ” The Force Awakens ” offered. It reopened the fans’ appetite for more lightsabers and special powers. ” Rogue One ” opens in theaters next month.

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