Russians Paid Michael Flynn Large Sums in 2015

Russians Paid Michael Flynn Large Sums in 2015

According to some new documents which a House Oversight panel obtained, president Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn received a $56,250 payment from some Russian firms. Those companies reportedly paid Flynn for the work he did during the presidential campaign, back in 2015. It seems like the problems do not seem to stop after Flynn was fired from his position at the White House just last month. The reason for that was the fact that he failed to declare his connections with the Russian ambassador to the United States. He misled Vice President Mike Pence, who defended Flynn in front of all the journalists who accused him of communicating with Russia.

Payment after payment

Now, it seems like the Democrats are asking for another investigation into this newly discovered machinations which have Michael Flynn in the middle once again. They even decided to send a letter to the president, the Pentagon and the FBI, in which they are detailing all those recent allegations of conspiring with the Russians. According to the newly revealed documents, Flynn took part in an event in December 2015. The gala, hosted by RT, a news outlet backed by Russia, was not a secret at that moment. However, now, the documents revealed that Flynn actually received a lot of money to make an appearance there. It seems like the retired Army lieutenant received over $45,000 for speaking at the event. This also covered the expense of his travel and accommodations.

However, the reveals do not stop here. The same documents reveal that in August 2015, Flynn also got $11,250 from Volga-Dnepr Airlines. The problem here is that the United States actually suspended the airfreight company from the list of vendors following a huge corruption scandal. At the time, the scandal involved a United Nations official from Russia. Two months later, in October 2015, Michael Flynn received an additional $11,250 sum from Kaspersky Lab. This is part of a bigger Russian company which reportedly specializes in discovering spyware inside the Western governments.

Problems pilling up for Flynn

Michael Flynn was the director of Defense Intelligence Agency for two years, from 2012 to 2014. Immediately after, he lost his job. However, in 2015, when he did all those things, he was still benefitting from a security clearance. It is interesting to note that just last month, Flynn himself filed a paper to the Justice Department. In this paperwork, he admitted to doing some work that may have been in the benefit of the Turkish government. This reportedly happened just a few months before the election.

After the news about the payments Flynn received broke out, a Kaspersky Lab spokeswoman sent an email. In it, she states that the former national security adviser received that payment in order to hold a speech. He reportedly gave that speech to the Government Cybersecurity Forum in Washington. Democrats quickly criticized Flynn’s actions and stated that he violated the Constitution by accepting large sums of money. Especially from players belonging to a country which the United States has such a tense relationship with.

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