Samsung Fails to Recall all the Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Samsung Fails to Recall all the Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Two weeks ago, the Samsung Electronics company said that it would recall a number of 2.5 million units of the new smartphone Galaxy Note 7. This comes just days after many customers said that their phone had caught fire. This recall is a premiere as it is the largest in the history of smartphones and gadgets in general. Of course people criticized Samsung because of their new smartphone, but some others praised their quick capacity to act in the best interest of their clients.

Samsung stumbles

But this recall does not go as swiftly as expected. In the U.S. safety regulators have advised customers to not torn on their Galaxy Note 7 on planes. Some are warned not to use their phones at all. South Korea has followed in the USA ’s footsteps. The discussion about the new phone’s combustibility has left Samsung without $14 billion of its market value. This is the most inappropriate time for such a thing to happen because Samsung was just beginning to catch Apple, its long-time rival, from behind.

Some wonder if this recall has made more damage than fix things. It doesn’t work as quick and swiftly as expected and it has only left customers confused and angry. Not to mention the headlines all over the world.

This action is considered extremely embarrassing for Samsung. A company’s spokeswoman has declined to comment on the discussion with the regulators. She only pointed to a company statement that said it was working with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There are risks

Korean consumer safety regulators are saying that what Samsung did was in accordance with the South Korean law. The company is taking further steps in order to minimize the damage done and to protect the customers. This week they released and update which keeps the phone from fully charging. This way, the risk of overheating is greatly reduced.

On September 2, Samsung said that it would replace 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s. They even put up a web site which tells people who have bought the new phone to return it or to contact the call center of the shop from which they bought it.

But the American agency of Samsung has still not released a recall notice. They just warned customers in a statement to not use their phones at all. Samsung told Hong Kong clients not to worry about their phones because they have a different kind of battery. The following day, about 500 phones started catching fire.


Samsung added to the confusion when they said in an official statement that they would replace the phones, not “recall” them. They also did not warn the users to not use their phones at all until September 10.

A comment posted in an internal electronic bulletin board of Samsung gave us an idea about what the people at Samsung think. This bulletin allows employees to post some messages anonymously.

“The company owes much to the customers who preordered our phones or purchased them. Our future lies in how well we treat these loyal customers.”

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