Science And The Orgasm Of Women


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Although science doesn’t yet fully understand the orgasm of women, at least it’s trying

Although science doesn’t yet fully understand the orgasm of women, at least it’s trying. Aside from feeling fantastic, the role of the female orgasm was never fully understood. But recently experts from the Yale University have come to the conclusion that on their evolutionary path, women needed to experience orgasms to ovulate.

The hormones which get released during a female climax, prolactin and oxytocin are the same as hormones released in other species that tell females to start ovulating. However, humans ovulate spontaneously.

The basic biology behind the female orgasm is obvious, but the reason for which it exists presently is less clear.

One of the theories is that the more males a female has sex with, the more possible caregivers for a potential baby she has.

Dr. Gunter Wagner published the thought-provoking report in the journal JEZ – Molecular and Developmental Evolution. Some of the findings show that cats and rabbits need the orgasm to ovulate.

Women apparently release similar hormones during their climax. This means that in the distant past, women needed foreplay or sexual contact to release a fertilized egg.

Afterward, the orgasm of women evolved towards being completely separate from ovulation. Now, it has its own monthly fertility period. The new research cannot explain this yet, but Dr. Wagner believes it has to do with the way we socialize. Cats and rabbits aren’t social creatures like humans are, so it’s important for females to have an egg ready for fertilization each time she gets a chance. But if you’ve got plenty of mating chances, you don’t need to make babies every time you get busy.

Science literature is usually less focused on the male orgasm, as it is not as psychologically complex.

The 1967 popular science book called The Naked Ape Desmond Morris pointed out that the female orgasm evolved to encourage a degree of intimacy with the male partner and reinstate the pair bond. Morris also looked at the Darwinian evolution which led females to select mates who have such qualities like patience, intelligence, imagination and care , not necessarily qualities like agression or size, as is the case in other primates.

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