Secret Conversations App Now Available On Facebook

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Facebook is making the “Secret Conversations” app available to users.

Facebook is making the Secret Conversations app available to users. This new feature is going to be tested first by the social media giant. All messages sent through the app will be private. The FBI or other local agencies will not be able to read the messages. There’s a built-in security feature that allows you to add a time-limit. After this time limit passes, the message is going to disappear.

Facebook’s app is going to be similar to Whatsapp’s. The end=to-end encryption will be based on a special protocol, called Open Whisper System’s Signal Protocol. The difference between the two apps is that Whatsapp keeps everything secret, while “Secret Conversations” lets you choose the messages you want to keep secret.

Facebook is making this app available to a select audience, to test it. The official release will follow later this summer. At first, Facebook will measure performance, gather feedback and introduce tools to report dangerous content.

If you are one of the lucky few that gets to test the app first, have a look at how to use “Secret Conversations”:

First, ensure you’ve got the latest Facebook Messenger on your device. The “Secret Conversations” app is available only for  Facebook Messenger, not for Facebook chatting or the desktop Messenger app.

To start a secret conversation, tap the friend’s name on top of the message thread. You must be chatting to that friend while tapping their name.

Then, tap the Secret Conversation option. A new message thread is going to open. A note displayed on top of the thread will let you know that the conversation is end-to-end encrypted.

If the information is confidential, like medical details, bank account details, you may add a period to the message. When the time passes, the message will be erased automatically. Time periods vary between six seconds and six hours.

There are some limitations to secret conversations. One of them is that it is difficult to switch devices. You can’t transfer a conversation from the phone to the tablet or computer.

Secondly, messages have format constraints in Secret Conversations. You will not be able to send videos or gifs through secret messaging.

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