Sources: Comey Could Shed Some Light on His Firing in Open Hearing

Sources: Comey Could Shed Some Light on His Firing in Open Hearing

People close to the former FBI director James Comey said that he could testify before Congress in an open hearing. Sources think the ex FBI chief could spill the beans on his abrupt termination in open session.

Comey Likely to Appear before Congress

According to ABC News, Comey declined to talk to a Senate intelligence panel in a closed session Tuesday. Plus, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe who is temporarily replacing him appeared before the panel on Thursday.

Comey’s aides told ABC News that he isn’t looking for publicity but he is going to testify in an open session. Comey reportedly won’t discuss any details of the FBI investigation into the Russian interference in the November election. He will likely discuss problems directly linked to him.

One associate to the director said he had a dinner in January with Trump in which the president asked him for his loyalty. Trump has denied the story ever since, but a fresh testimony could shed some light on the topic.

On Saturday, Trump denied again that he has ever asked loyalty from Comey but he told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro that it wouldn’t be a “bad question” to ask from an FBI director. He explained that loyalty to the country is very important. He underlined that while the press misinterpreted the notion of loyalty, he cannot grasp how people believe he asked that question.

Trump refused to be more specific on the tapes of his conversations with Comey, but he added that he wants the lawman to be “honest”. People familiar with the matter however said they don’t think the former FBI director ever discussed the details of the Russian probe with the president.

Comey reportedly discussed the matter only with DOJ officials. Trump wrote in his termination letter to Comey that the ex director reassured him thrice that he was not being under an investigation.

Comey Is Doing Fine

The sources praised Comey for his integrity. They added that rumors that he was unpopular within the FBI are a false narrative spread by the White House. People who know Comey said he is doing fine despite his shocking firing.

On Saturday, he was spotted with his wife existing a musical at the National Theater in Washington, D.C It is the first time after his termination that Comey is seen in public.

Sources also said Comey is worried about the fate of the many projects he was pursuing within the bureau at the time of his firing. He is confident, though, that FBI agents would continue his work.

Meanwhile Trump has been under fire for his decision to fire Comey. Sen. Mark Warner who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee thinks Comey’s firing is proof the Trump White House is “afraid” of what an FBI probe into Russia may reveal.

Warner made the comments in an interview with Fox News Chris Wallace, who asked him if Trump fired the FBI director to interfere with the FBI probe. Warner said Trump’s “actions” suggest he fired Comey for that reason. He added that “the dots seem to be fairly obviously connected” to back this hypothesis.

But I’m trying to give the President the benefit of the doubt until we finish this investigation,

Warner also said.
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