Telltale’s “Tales From the Borderlands” Gets Release Date

Telltale's "Tales from the Borderlands" gets release date in April in both North America and Europe.

Telltale’s “Tales from the Borderlands” will be released in April this year on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Telltale’s “Tales from the Borderlands” gets release date in April this year. One of the typical point and click games from Telltale that is focused on the narrative, the new action adventure story is taking place before Borderlands 2.

Developed by Gearbox Software and Telltale Games, “Tales from the Borderlands” is made from episodic content and features characters from the original Borderlands game series. The new game is a spin-off from the original shooter, but instead of focusing on a first person perspective, it will give players an overview of the whole action and story as it unfolds. “Tales from the Borderlands” is quite similar to other work from the game studio, such as “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones” or “The Wolf among Us”. While players are involved in action scenes, the most important part involves the decisions they make which influence the outcome of the story.

Speaking of the narrative, the five episodes of the new Borderlands game are set in its original universe, and most of them take place on Pandora. The story starts with the end of Borderlands 2. Hyperion’s president, Handsome Jack, is killed by the Vault Hunters. The players discover the existence of numerous Vaults across the galaxy and must find their keys in order to open them.

Those of you who will play “Tales from the Borderlands” will be able to control both Fiona and Rhys (voiced by Laura Bailey and Troy Baker), which can prove to be quite a challenge since they have exponentially different personalities. Fiona is a con-artist who has been orphaned, while Rhys is working at Hyperion and pays no attention to other aspects of his life because his sole goal is to receive a promotion.

The two are joined by various other characters who breathe life into the story, such as Fiona’s mentor, Felix, her sister Sasha and the co-workers of Rhys, Hugo Vasquez, Vaughn and Yvette.

Telltale’s “Tales from the Borderlands” gets release date in April, and rumors have spread that players will be offered exclusive unlockable content as well, this time for “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel”. The game will be compatible with PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and will be released in North America on April 26 and in Europe on April 22.

Image Source: GameSpot