They Just Won’t Let Russia Go and Priebus Is Next On the Media’s Hitlist

They Just Won’t Let Russia Go and Priebus Is Next On the Media’s Hitlist

According to a report from CNN on Thursday, the White House asked the FBI to publicly dispute any tie that the Trump administration might have had with Russian officials. Those communications between the two parties reportedly happened during the presidential campaign. The issue is that such an action represents a breach in the protocol. The White House cannot intervene in the agency’s business. The request came after numerous reports claimed that president Trump and his team communicated with Russian officials constantly. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus was reportedly the one who asked FBI Director James Comey to tell reporters that the stories about the ties with Russia were false. However, Comey rejected the request and went on with the investigation.

Ties with Russia

During an interview, earlier this week, Priebus states that all those reports claiming the connections between the Trump administration and Russian officials are “baloney”. In another interview, he said that the intelligence agencies assured him that the stories were not true at all. This does not seem to fit with FBI’s refusal to do this exact thing. So, if we are to believe all the facts, somebody is lying and it is probably Priebus.

Interestingly enough, there is a precedent. In 1972, former United States president Richard Nixon used the CIA to shut the FBI up. Also, to make them stop investigating the Watergate incident. However, there seem to be two different variations of this recent issue. According to a law enforcement official, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe talked with Priebus during a meeting. They briefly touched on this subject too. On the other hand, a White House official stated that Priebus actually asked both McCabe and Comey to dispute the stories about the ties with Russia.

Problems pile up

It seems like the Trump administration cannot get away from the suspicions regarding its connections with Russia. There have recently been lots of events which had to do with this issue. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s discussion with the Russian ambassador to the United States made president Trump give up on him and choose a replacement. However, the situation is not calm in Washington. Many Democrats on Capitol Hill are asking for an investigation in what concerns Michael Flynn. He failed to mention his talks with the Russian official in his briefings. After it was revealed that he indeed talked with the ambassador, he blamed his memory for simply forgetting to mention this fact and as a result lost his job. The FBI did announce that no criminal charges will be brought against Flynn. 

Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly very disappointed with Flynn. Pence defended him numerous times in front of the reporters. They were saying that the former national security adviser indeed had connections with Russia. After the revelation came that they were right, Pence felt bad and even guilty for defending someone that lied to him. The continues to dig into possible Russia ties within the Trump Administration. But it’s getting to the point that there may be more smoke than fire.

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